Virtual Control Center for Healthcare Operations – Emergency Department

The continued uncertainty and risk that the healthcare industry is facing is motivating healthcare organizations to boost their efficiency across functional departments, including the ED.

Did you know that at least 50% of ER efficiency issues are systems-process related?(American College of Emergency Physicians) How admittance, scheduling, lab and x-ray, charting, and paging system processes interact matters. But you can’t fix what you don’t understand, and it’s been time consuming and costly to get even a partial picture of ER processes execution. No more! Use existing system data to recreate, model, and analyze 100% of your processes. It’s fast, easy, and available at a fraction of the cost of the methods you may be using now.

To meet the challenges facing healthcare providers today requires a deeper understanding of the myriad clinical and business processes executed by an organization – it requires something new

New intelligence and analysis capabilities are available today to assist providers in improving care, efficiency and reducing costs. These types of innovative technologies are reshaping the way providers deliver quality care to patients. Process Intelligence has the opportunity to change the way providers analyze and improve operations across departments.

Challenges in the Emergency Department

The Emergency Department’s role in a hospital has been increasing every year and currently contributes to nearly 70% of hospital admissions. With an influx in admissions, the hospital is pushed to constantly improve the speed and quality of care as the patients’ demands and expectations increase. Without the right tools, the shift in admission trends have left many hospital’s EDs in a state of disarray seeking solutions on how to avoid improper staffing, an overflowing wait room, and abnormalities in protocols.

You might rely on Business Intelligence systems for monitoring operations and performance, but when metrics fall outside the optimal range, how do you identify the cause? How do you tell exactly which process is under performing, why it is happening, and where you should take corrective action?

“An extremely easy way to slash your management consulting spend and gain faster, more reliable insights using Process Intelligence.”

Traditional process improvement takes lots of time, money, and people. But new technology makes it possible to recreate and present operational processes “as executed” from the stored data in any system – with all the variations, deviations, and underlying contributing factors at your fingertips.

Deliver 100% end-to-end visibility of every process, almost instantly, at a tiny fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Imagine – you can now easily explore and understand what drives throughput bottlenecks, costs, and compliance risks associated with any process, across any number of systems.  Better yet, you can see how to solve them. See for yourself with this five-minute video, analyzing Emergency Room Throughput.

Automatic, Continuous, Real-time, Data-driven Decisions at Enterprise Scale

The Timeline Process Intelligence platform provides real-time optimization of hospital operations. It continuously discovers inefficiencies, analyzes workflow, monitors the process and performance, and predicts future trends. TimelinePI’s technology gives healthcare leaders the resources to literally see their next steps in the palm of their hand and receive alerts of issues as they happen. This results in decreased costs through improved efficiency, and a better patient experience with improved quality of care.

Understanding how your processes really behave, what they cost, and where they can be improved is the first step towards process excellence. But sustaining that efficiency over time in the face of complex, changing variables can deliver big dividends in the areas of patient access, cost reduction, and quality of care.

Process Intelligence from Timeline leapfrogs traditional process improvement efforts, digitally recreating any process end-to-end across any set of systems so you can easily identify and explore throughput bottlenecks, costs, and compliance risks. More importantly, it enables you to monitor them in near-real time and automate staff alerting for defined protocol deviations. The result? Smoother flowing, standard-compliant patient care at reduced costs.

How It Works

ABBYY Timeline is a cloud-based platform that delivers continuous operational insight to healthcare providers. It was built from years of working with business intelligence tools that just missed the mark in providing intuitive process analytics. Traditional Business Intelligence tools simply do not offer the necessary in-depth visualization and analysis of ad-hoc business processes. Utilizing our patent-pending approach ABBYY Timeline intuitively maps out your full process end-to-end even when your data is stored in different systems. Within seconds of loading your data you can dig through and filter your data to visualize where inefficiencies, repeated steps, bottlenecks and any other issues within your processes may be occurring. 

Get Ahead of the Issues with Timeline

Increase Efficiency

  • Patient retention
  • Reduce over admittance
  • Faster lab request turnaround
  • Predict staffing allocation
  • Following process flow
  • Increasing patient satisfaction

Predict Surges

  • Beds available
  • Queue warnings for delayed processes
  • Rooming delay reduction

Reduce time

  • Patient wait times
  • Patient door to doctor time

The Power of Advanced Analytics for Healthcare

The power of ABBYY Timeline comes from its unique Timeline Analysis™ approach to process intelligence. This technique reconstructs the original process instances, step-by-step, from event data left behind when they were actually performed.

Enable sustainable, enterprise-wide process excellence with over 25 prepackaged analytic tools that make process insight actionable.

Gain full visibility of all of your processes end-to-end even when different steps of the process are performed using multiple back-end systems (EHR, LIKS, RIS, PACS, RCM, etc.). The result is the ability to visualize and analyze complete healthcare processes even when there is no other place to find these details in your existing systems.

Advanced Process Analytics Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone 

All hospitals, health systems and physicians are facing increasing pressure to manage revenue, optimize utilization and reduce costs across the care continuum. To manage the future of healthcare reimbursement, providers must be able to better manage their business and clinical processes. Determining where and how to employ a quality improvement strategy is complex. Because the ABBYY Timeline technology is capable of ingesting data from any number of systems, it can help organizations identify the best candidates for process improvement. ABBYY Timeline is the next generation of resource solutions and the difference maker for the future of healthcare analytics.

Visualize and analyze any business process without integrating or modifying existing IT infrastructure. Our secure cloud based platform enables process discovery, analysis, and automated monitoring, and prediction 24/7/365 anywhere in the world you can access a web browser.

Process Analysts – Process improvement analysts employing LEAN, Six Sigma or other methodologies can greatly accelerate their discovery and analysis efforts. Utilizing TimelinePI’s prebuilt best-practices process analysis tools empowers them to more effi ciently provide services and solutions to a broader set of use cases.

Physicians – Physicians and clinicians are able to view a comprehensive timeline of a patient’s entire care experience. A view that includes all points of care (hospitals, PCPs and specialists, ambulatory surgery, laboratory, radiology, rehabilitation, pharmacy, etc.) combined with tools to analyze these histories.

Leadership – Across the organization leadership can perform detailed analysis of a variety of operational areas – from quality and safety to revenue cycle to active case management to finance and beyond. ABBYY Timeline also provides them with the ability to automatically monitor operations and alert when any defined condition is violated or when any process fails to meet performance targets

ABBYY Timeline is beneficial to all areas of healthcare:

• Hospital Operations • Clinical Care Coordination • Appointments & Scheduling • Resource Stewardship • Radiology, CP & AP Labs • Pharmacy • Rehabilitation, PT, OT, ST • Patient Safety & Risk • Patient Satisfaction • Revenue Cycle Management • Payer Contracting • Procurement • Quality Assurance • and much more!

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December 19, 2018