Topaz Information Systems Incorporates ABBYY Timeline In Its Next Generation Enterprise Practice Management Software Suite

Reducing inefficiencies in healthcare workflow processes at large organizations, driving more effective delivery of healthcare, streamlined reimbursements

 PHILADELPHIA and PHOENIX, June 25, 2018 — TimelinePI and Topaz Information Systems (TopazIS) today announced that TimelinePI’s process intelligence platform will be incorporated into TopazIS’s Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) suite. The move introduces powerful intelligent process mining capabilities that extend TopazIS’s ability to uncover both clinical and non-clinical operational process improvement opportunities for their clients.

The TopazIS EPM solution seeks to eliminate process inefficiencies, helping providers improve patient service and derive the highest possible return on investment (ROI) from their assets and resources, while complying with standards and regulations such as ICD-10, Meaningful Use, MACRA, etc. The leadership team saw significant value applying intelligent process mining to automatically discover, analyze and optimize customers “as-is” processes using existing data. TimelinePI’s unique ability to automate real-time process monitoring/alerting not only ensures protocol or service level compliance but helps their customers sustain long term process excellence.

“Because of their sheer size, our clients have often had difficulties identifying inefficiencies in workflow and processes,” said Javier Favela, TopazIS’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  “It becomes difficult to find the broken cogs.  ABBYY Timeline delivers unprecedented process visibility, making it obvious where things aren’t working as they should, as well as why it’s happening – so we know what to fix.  Going forward we can monitor for process compliance and know when patient satisfaction is at risk. This is a significant step forward and will deliver greater value to our clients,” Favela added.

Behavioral health care organizations face the same sweeping changes transforming today’s healthcare industry. Value and risk based contracting models, and payer rating systems can impose significant financial penalties when front or back office process inefficiencies impact operations. When processes break, or don’t perform as expected, it can hurt patient satisfaction, drive up claims resubmission costs, or even worse result in denied reimbursements.

“TopazIS is a leading solution provider in the behavioral health market,” said Scott Opitz, TimelinePI’s president and chief executive officer.  “Extending their Enterprise Practice Management suite with ABBYY Timeline represents a true gamechanger for customers that want to understand and then improve process performance. For the first time, these organizations can easily and quickly quantify the impact of process improvement on costs, patient service and satisfaction, and revenue cycles. We are very excited to partner with a company of this caliber that is making a real difference in such an important market segment.”

TimelinePI’s Intelligent Process Mining extracts existing process event data from any number of IT systems, with no integration required, creating an interactive model reflecting 100 percent of actual process execution. Users can easily identify and quantify the impact of inefficient or broken process variations, determine their root causes and how to fix them, and monitor ongoing performance in real time to alert key staff for protocol deviations.  Developing an understanding of process performance based on actual data enables healthcare providers to achieve sustainable process efficiency at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional lean or optimization efforts.

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June 26, 2018