ABBYY Timeline Offers Free Limited License for ServiceNow

In collaboration with ServiceNow ABBYY Timeline is offering a free single-user edition in addition to the paid standard application. The free version of the ABBYY Timeline connector for ServiceNow is limited to one user (fulfiller). Alerting is disabled in free version only and the datasource is limited to the ServiceNow cloud instance.

Intelligent Process Mining overcomes the limitations of traditional process mining tools by combining patent-pending Timeline Analysis™ with a broad array of more intuitive analytic tools. Such sophisticated, easy-to-use analytics help ServiceNow fulfillers identify how and why incident or problem management processes behave as they do. Point-and-click query technology easily searches for complex, specific, or unique scenarios to identify out-of-compliance operations, and protocol definitions highlight violations as they occur — allowing near-real time action alerts to the right people, at the right time. Automated alerting helps ITSM organizations react quickly to improve SLA compliance, and improve end-user satisfaction by identifying and resolving service process issues as they occur rather than after the fact.

ABBYY Timeline allows ServiceNow customers to see, understand, and improve actual operational processes. Process intelligence enables ITSM organizations to quickly and accurately target key business, operations, and service management process flows for improvement. ABBYY Timeline includes automatic real-time monitoring and staff alerting to sustain end-user satisfaction and ensure compliance with established SLAs.

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May 8, 2018