ABBYY Timeline Launches the First Enterprise-Ready Process Intelligence Platform to Deliver Advanced Process Insights for the Healthcare Industry

SPRINGFIELD, Pa., Nov. 12, 2018 — TimelinePI, Inc., the leading process intelligence platform, today announced the availability of the latest release of its software with a variety of features designed for healthcare providers. With this release healthcare providers are able to achieve real-time visibility into how processes are actually working across all systems, confirming whether processes are being executed as prescribed, and, most importantly, predicting potential critical compliance and risk factors.

The latest release, Version 3.7, extends the platform’s proven process mining, analytics and operational monitoring features to include a new machine-learning based predictive analytics. Using this new capability health systems will not only be able to understand and analyze how processes have historically been performed but also be able to predict future outcomes of a broad range of clinical, procurement, revenue cycle and other processes. With the advantage of prediction providers will be able to better prepare and possibly improve outcomes before they are set.

“Understanding how clinical processes are performing is critical to improving quality of care goals as health systems work to achieve greater operational efficiencies”, said Javier Favela, president & CEO, Topaz Information Systems. “ABBYY Timeline delivers unprecedented process visibility across the organization making it obvious where things aren’t working as they should and exposing why it’s happening to empower us with the insights necessary to allow us to meet and exceed our client’s goals.”

TimelinePI’s platform and its latest innovations build on its patent-pending Timeline Analysis methodology which was developed to specifically address the challenges of analyzing case management processes prevalent in healthcare. By using the wealth of knowledge that can be harvested from healthcare process flows the new machine learning predictive capabilities based on mined process flows ABBYY Timeline is able to deliver cutting-edge insights without requiring teams of data scientists or AI experts.

“The insights necessary for healthcare providers to improve clinical effectiveness, maintain quality and safety standards and achieve improved patient satisfaction while managing the financial pressures impacting all providers demands a new approach to operational intelligence”, said Scott Opitz, president & CEO, TimelinePI. “The ABBYY Timeline platform was designed based on years of healthcare experience to allow providers to quickly understand their current operations and provide the power tools to drive innovation only possible with process intelligence.”

Release 3.7 is available for immediate release.

About TimelinePI, Inc.
ABBYY Timeline provides the most comprehensive process intelligence platform designed to empower users to understand, optimize and monitor any business process. TimelinePI’s patent-pending Timeline Analysis approach is designed to allow healthcare providers, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, etc. take control of their data and Raise their Process IQ™. To learn more, we invite you to visit or email us at

November 12, 2018