ABBYY Timeline Introduces Real-Time Process Intelligence

Organizations can analyze, monitor and manage business processes with zero latency in support of their RPA, BPM and other digital transformation efforts

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – January 14, 2018 – TimelinePI, Inc., the most comprehensive process intelligence platform, today announced Release 4.0 of its flagship product.  With this release organizations can now realize true real-time process mining, operational monitoring and AI/ML-based predictive process analytics.

The latest release extends TimelinePI’s capabilities to allow the platform to both ingest data from one or more sources and deliver analysis result to users and systems in real-time using web services and MQ-based integration interfaces. As a result, the platform can now stream data into its operational monitoring and neural network-based analytics engine to allow for continuously updated predictions of future business outcomes, critical response-time compliance and other risk scenarios with zero latency to ensure the information is available in time to impact the result.  

“If we shift the scope of process mining to the operational and organizational level, it is a small step to link these operational insights to the big strategic initiatives, such as digital optimization or digital transformation”, according to Marc Kerremans, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner. “It provides visibility, analysis and understanding around business operating models that represent the way of doing business by providing near-real-time information to all end users how they are currently performing and what could be improved.” *

Building on TimelinePI’s comprehensive suite of process analysis tools, Release 4.0 has been updated to exploit its bi-directional real-time integration across the entire product’s core functional areas. This has been made possible by TimelinePI’s hyper-insertion architecture which unlike traditional process mining tools which are limited to batch-mode data loading and model generation approaches allows for continuous insertion of new events into its digital process model.  This technique eliminates the inherent latency of batch approaches by intelligently inserting new events directly into their optimal position in the model so they are immediately available for assessment by TimelinePI’s monitoring and alerting modules.

“While traditional process mining tools have helped organizations to begin to better understand their business processes they have done little to empower those organizations to take operational control”, said Scott Opitz, President & CEO of TimelinePI.  “We think the combination of operational monitoring and alerting based on real-time data exchange and augmented with the power of AI-driven prediction raises the bar to make proactive process control the minimum standard for achieving true digital transformation.”

ABBYY Timeline Release 4.0 is available for immediate release.

About TimelinePI, Inc.

TimelinePI provides the most comprehensive process intelligence platform designed to empower users to understand, optimize and monitor any business process. TimelinePI’s patent-pending Timeline Analysis approach is designed to allow healthcare providers, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, etc. take control of their data and Raise their Process IQ™. To learn more, we invite you to visit or email us at

*Gartner, Market Guide for Technologies Supporting a DTO, 12 July 2018

January 14, 2019