The Secret to a Successful Digital Transformation

It’s no secret that digital transformation has become a necessity for businesses to gain a competitive edge. No company is able to avoid the undeniable push towards digital transformation. With increasing customer expectations, the ability to get processes done faster and more efficiently has never been more important. From AI to automation, executives are looking to maintain or increase their investments, yet these digital transformation initiatives move very slowly throughout a company and oftentimes end without meeting the envisioned goal of success.

Despite the allure of true digital transformation – being able to uncover additional sources of revenue, increasing the speed of existing processes, and decreasing costs associated with rework- there is a very slow adoption rate throughout businesses. It’s been found that nearly half (45%) of C-suite executives admit that they are unsure about where to start when developing their transformation strategy. This is a large issue when it comes to starting any large business initiative. With nearly half of C-suite executives leading a digital transformation with no clear direction, it’s no surprise to find out that many of these transformation efforts result in little to no results because of the unclear guidance from top level.

When starting an automation initiative there are different questions that come with starting the project. What process should be a candidate? What will its value be? How much time will we really be saving? Without the proper tools in place these questions can be very hard to answer.

Answering these questions takes a complete understanding of how the business processes truly operate and why. However, with the structure of many businesses there are silos in organizational process knowledge. Because top management is not involved in the day-to-day processes within the organization and a lack of process documentation, it has become increasingly difficult to truly discover what processes are ready for digital workers. Without this knowledge of the business’s existing processes, there is no clear way to tell what needs automation and what is better left to employees.

A successful digital transformation starts with information gathering; knowing how your business actually operates instills confidence when deploying any type of new business strategy. In the same research mentioned above, almost two-thirds of leadership agreed that they would be more confident deploying their transformation strategy if they had a better picture of how their business was being run. To be clear this does not mean looking at an old Standard Operating Procedures book and it certainly doesn’t take months of process surveys and trying to manually assess operations. These are not only costly but also takes valuable time.

Process intelligence technology makes this easy, process discovery, assessment and automation prioritization is now as simple as uploading your data. Process intelligence was built specifically to empower the business user to discover how the business’s processes operate as-is. Equipped with this information you are able to answer all of the questions that were posed for pre-implementation- what process to automate, what savings will look like, etc.  This makes process intelligence a critical component to all digital transformation efforts. Use of automated process discovery and digital transformation has even been shown to improve one company’s on-time payments by 20%.

The benefits to process intelligence go even further than just helping to implement your digital transformation. Process intelligence remains beneficial throughout the lifespan of the entire digital transformation. Easily compare a side by side analysis of pre and post implementation to view exactly how digital transformation has changed your business. Go even further by monitoring and controlling your new processes by setting up complex queries to catch mistakes sooner. Get alerts sent right to your phone so that you are able to gain control and fix errors faster and with more efficiency.

Why TimelinePI

ABBYY Timeline was built to empower all business users for any process transformation. With ABBYY Timeline you are able to discover your process with an ease of use platform that was built for all business users so that process intelligence is possible anytime, anywhere, for anyone. We believe that process data can come from a multitude of places and we embrace that this data may not follow a happy path. At TimelinePI organizations can now lead their digital transformation with the confidence they didn’t have before.

For more information about how ABBYY Timeline can help with specifically any automation efforts you can read our free RPA Ebook or explore some of our other RPA blogs like Are you asking these questions before implementing RPA? You should be…

May 3, 2019