The Process Intelligence Approach to Improving Healthcare Processes

Every hospital, health system and physician is facing increasing pressure to manage revenue, optimize utilization and reduce costs across their care continuum.

To manage the future of healthcare reimbursement, providers must be able to better manage their business and clinical processes. Determining where and how to employ a quality improvement strategy is complex, but ABBYY Timeline can help medical professionals better understand clinical processes.


Healthcare providers are seeing a growing demand and pressure to prevent patient illness and deterioration, optimize patient care, and to improve patient health outcomes all at a reasonable cost. Across the board, providers are being asked to do more with less. The proliferation and massive investment in EHRs, new software, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is generating an explosion of medical data. Ingesting this data, analyzing it, and delivering useful, actionable insight to relevant stakeholders has proved to be a massive challenge for most organizations.


TimelinePI offers the unique, patent pending Timeline Analysis™ approach, to offer out of the box discovery and analysis features that quickly and easily allow users to gain meaningful insight into complex healthcare processes. TimelinePI continuously monitors and can even predict outcomes early on from healthcare data in real-time to allow healthcare administrators and frontline care teams to make better decisions and improve operational performance. The result is a better patient and clinician experience.

How It Works

ABBYY Timeline is a cloud-based platform that delivers continuous operational insight to healthcare providers. It was built from years of working with business intelligence tools that just missed the mark in providing intuitive process analytics. Traditional Business Intelligence tools simply do not offer the necessary in-depth visualization and analysis of ad-hoc business processes. Utilizing our patent-pending approach ABBYY Timeline intuitively maps out your full process end-to-end even when your data is stored in different systems. Within seconds of loading your data you can dig through and filter your data to visualize where inefficiencies, repeated steps, bottlenecks and any other issues within your processes may be occurring.

Ahead of the Curve with TimelinePI

The power of ABBYY Timeline comes from its unique Timeline Analysis™ approach to process intelligence. This technique reconstructs the original process instances, step-by-step, from event data left behind when they were actually performed.

TimelinePI allows you to have full visibility of all of your processes end-to-end even when different steps of the process are performed using multiple back-end systems (EHR, LIMS, RIS, PACS, RCM, etc.). The result is the ability to visualize and analyze complete healthcare processes even when there is no other place to find these details in your existing systems.

ABBYY Timeline Accelerates Process Improvement üVisualize processes end-to-end üDrill in to see root cause to problems üUncover hidden waste in cost & efficiency üProactively anticipate process problems üEasily quantify end-to-end process metrics üAlert the right team members üAutomatically ensure compliance

What does deployment look like?

TimelinePI Process Intelligence lets you visualize and analyze any business process without integrating or modifying existing IT infrastructure. Our secure cloud based platform enables process discovery, analysis, automated monitoring, and prediction 24/7/365 anywhere in the world you can access a web browser.

Process Opportunities

About TimelinePI

TimelinePI’s mission is to raise your organization’s Process IQ™.

The Process Intelligence Platform reads process event data captured in your existing IT systems and uses it to automatically recreate an interactive model that you can explore, analyze and even monitor and predict in real-time.

It’s now possible to visualize and understand how your operational processes are really executed end-to-end, in all their variations, across any number of systems.

This unique process-focused SaaS solution delivers informed process understanding, so healthcare providers can quickly query, analyze, discover and monitor and predict  the ebbs and flows of operations like never before.

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February 12, 2019