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The introduction of digital workers – while still early in its evolution, is gathering momentum quickly based on the tremendous efficiencies and accuracy it can deliver. Whether your RPA project focuses on automating simple, structured data tasks — or more complex, operations that blend bots with human labor — there is a key ingredient for success: in-depth knowledge of current process execution. 

RPA requires a significant upfront investment in the planning and design phase, where process discovery helps guide development decisions about automating the right processes, the right way, in all their permutations. TimelinePI rapidly delivers 100% process visibility based on your actual operational data, making it easy to understand not only how your processes operate, but why.

Process Schema in 60 Seconds

Even more importantly, we expose the process cost, volume, and duration data that forms the basis for incontrovertible ROI justification.

But we don’t stop there. We combined Intelligent Process Mining functionality with business intelligence style analytics, and automated, real-time process monitoring and alerting to create the world’s first Process Intelligence Platform. We enable you to assess and monitor post-RPA return on investment, determine if your goals where achieved, expose new automation opportunities, and even act as air-traffic control for enterprise-wide, highly scalable RPA operations with thousands of bots.

Why base your RPA investment on samples and best guesses? Their isn’t any excuse not to know anymore – let the data speak for itself.

How it Works

TimelinePI empowers organizations to:
    • Eliminates arduous, costly and often subjective manual process evaluation.
    • Easily visualize end to end business processes that span multiple systems to fully define scenarios and permutations pre -automation
    • Enable quantifiable, data-driven return on investment calculations based on:
    • #of transact
      # of process steps
      Process AHT/TAT (duration)
      Cost per transaction
    • Assess bot performance and their overall impact on all aspects of a process
    • Identify potential process execution changes that can expand the scope and value of RPA investments


How TimelinePI Can Help



Overview– TimelinePI automatically discovers and visualizes task and incident processes.

Timeline Analysis– A unique and intuitive approach to visualizing IT service management processes.

Process Schema– Automatically detect and display structured or variable service process environments. 



Path and Cost Structure– See every process path, and compare side-by-side cost, timing, and identify compliance risks.

Detailed Case Analysis– Display service incidents end-to-end in one screen.

Process Query– A simple drag and drop approach to creating sophisticated, complex search and filtering.



Expose Costs uncover unknown opportunities for cost reduction

Reduce Time Faster time to benefit for process improvement initiatives.

Customer Satisfaction– Eliminate process behavior that decrease overall customer satisfaction.



Protocol Analysis– Easily define rules for monitoring process compliance.

Journey Mapping– Understand the time impact of queue based routing workflows.

Cohort Comparison–Benchmark filtered sets side-by-side for insight to best practice.

The TimelinePI connector is available through the Blue Prism® Store in two versions:

  • Free Version: Restricted to a single user, alerting disabled. ***Important Note*** Only 1 free license is issued to a company domain/instance. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure they are the authorized consumer of the license on behalf of the company
  • Paid Version: Full license, pricing tied to total Blue Prism® fulfiller licenses. Min list price starts at $1k per month for Blue Prism® instance

TimelinePI drives robotic process automation (RPA) enablement and governance

  • Clear, quantifiable post implementation cost impact provides data-backed justification for future automation initiatives
  • Monitor bot-enabled process execution in real time using alerting functionality to spawn automated remediation processes
  • Monitor automation’s up and down stream impact to ensure ongoing protocol compliance
  • Use TimelinePI as the air traffic control tower to establish a compliance and risk governance framework by monitoring enterprise-wide business processes in near-real time


Analytics Handout for RPA

Datasheet Coming Soon

Get the most out of RPA with TimelinePI

Analytics in Action!

Learn more about process intelligence for RPA

Automated Process Discovery & Baselining

Discover a baseline for your RPA initiatives and identify the best candidates for robotic automation and increase ROI.

Query & Automated Issue Remediation

Query where issues may be occurring within an organization’s processes. If non-compliant, risky or inefficient behaviors appear, a bot can be automatically triggered to mitigate any issues, maintaining consistent process optimization.


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