Old methods just don't cut it anymore

Proactively Analyze, Monitor, Predict, and Optimize the Operational Efficiency of All of Your Business Processes with ABBYY Timeline Process Intelligence  


What is Process Intelligence?

Process intelligence goes beyond traditional business intelligence and process mining.

ABBYY Timeline is comprised of four main pillars:

  • Process Discovery & Mapping – being able to find the common flows, understanding the as-is process
  • Process Analysis & Optimization – answer questions such as who is responsible or how much does it cost
  • Process Monitoring & Alerting – continuous visibility of the process and automated remediation efforts
  • Process Prediction & Forecasting – take proactive steps and ensure positive outcomes using historical data

How can Process Intelligence help?

  • Reveal how every occurrence of every process is executed automatically– including even the most ad-hoc, variable workflows – at a fraction of the time and cost of old manual efforts
  • Easily identify, quantify, and target the highest impact process instances for digital transformation or automation initiatives
  • Quickly pinpoint the root cause of non-compliant, unusual, or high cost processes by applying easy-to-use, search functions and detailed filters
  • Automatically generate a foundation for data-driven decisions with quantifiable process metrics including costs, duration, volumes and other detailed process artifacts.
  • Easily define complex scenarios or desired protocols to automatically detect and trigger human or automated remediation efforts in real time
  • Use early stage data to predict process outcomes and proactively plan or act

How can you benefit from Process Intelligence?

Empower Business Users with Easy to Understand Insights
Process Intelligence is tailored to meet the needs of the business user without coding.  Become a process genius without the need to be a PhD computer coding engineer or Black Belt certified. Access to vital operational information shouldn’t be limited to advanced IT users. With Process Intelligence common business users can easily build in depth queries, automatically discover process execution, drill into the granular details to predict outcomes early on, and monitor operations to ensure processes execute according to plan.

Build Your Organization’s Process Control and Command Center
Load data from any number of systems to analyze and alert to productivity and other key process elements, identify trends, and ultimately improve processes over time. Deliver analytics to business users that allows for the entire process to be understood from start to finish.

Anticipate and Proactively Take Action
Identify issues and potential issues with real-time data monitoring and alerting. Be proactive and take action with advanced prediction and forecasting capabilities. Utilize artificial intelligence to make decisions that stop problems in their tracks and ensure that your workforce is performing effectively.

Ensure Compliance and Eliminate Risk
Reduce risk and compliance headaches with a single Process Intelligence Platform that allows you to gain 100% visibility and understanding of your organization’s process performance and compliance across all of your diverse systems.

Process Intelligence for today's enterprises

Automatically piece together the ‘as-is’ business process analyzing events, correlations, frequency, and performance. Within minutes all of the relevant information is presented in an easy to read and understand format. 

Easily create an interactive model containing all the relevant process information down to the single case level. Highlight process exceptions, unusual transactions, bottlenecks, deviations, weaknesses and potential risks in processes. 

Identify inefficient variations and set rules for the process. Alert the right staff or automate remediation to ensure processes are functioning properly and eliminate bad processes before they happen with ongoing monitoring of protocols.

Predict the future process state. Combine process mining with machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve highly intelligent and fully automated insights to forecast processes in their future state and act to ensure positive outcomes.

ABBYY Timeline is your highway to better business process performance

ABBYY Timeline is a comprehensive process intelligence platform offering over 25 prebuilt, best practice analysis tools to help business users understand business processes. The company’s patented approach: the Timeline Analysis was built from years of experience in BI software, and frustrations with its limitations.

How TimelinePI’s Process Intelligence Platform Works

Easily identify and quantify the impact of inefficient or broken process variations, determine their root causes and how to fix them, monitor and predict ongoing performance in real time to alert key staff for protocol deviations and ensure positive outcomes.

By utilizing next generation intelligent process mining, specialized analytics, automated process monitoring, and artificial intelligence, ABBYY Timeline enables sustainable, enterprise-wide process excellence.

ABBYY Timeline makes process optimization easy


Enhance insight into process execution by gaining transparency into the performance and efficiency of operational processes to improve process execution.

Increase process efficiency by identifying process weaknesses, compliance deviations, and opportunities for high impact optimization.

Improve profitability and elimination of waste by simplifying and streamlining operations to reduce operating expenses while enhancing processing speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Fast insights. Low effort. No risk.

Fast Insights: See your processes like never before with sub-second response time.

Low Effort: Get full support and guidance during your implementation/onboarding.

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