Process Intelligence

TimelinePI Data Sheet

A general overview of the TimelinePI process intelligence solution including an introduction to its breadth of functionality. TimelinePI employs an exciting new patent-pending approach to process intelligence called Timeline Analysis. This advanced statistical analysis allows users to quickly analyze and uncover process inefficiencies and process improvement areas.

Healthcare Solutions

Health care is changing at a rapid pace, and it’s important to focus on continuous quality improvement as a part of providing care every day. TimelinePI is the next generation of resource solutions and the difference maker for the future of healthcare analytics. TimelinePI can provide detailed analysis of a variety of operational areas.

Insurance Claims Processing

Insurance claims processing is a process-intensive operation. See how TimelinePI can be a perfect tool for discovering the current operational baseline for your claims operation and drilling in more deeply to gain a detailed understanding of why drives performance or contributes to inefficiency.

Emergency 911 Solutions

Emergency response is a critical service that many local governments provide for their constituents. A 911 call is expected to follow very strict protocols and service is expected to be delivered within minutes. With TimelinePI emergency management can analyze response to incidents and begin to make informed decisions to deliver better service to their jurisdictions.

City Services 311 Solutions

TimelinePI empowers local government and department officials to have complete visibility into service delivery and resource management, and therefore the ability to deliver better service to the community. City and local government can identify performance variances tied to specific departments or individuals and proactively monitor for future performance issues.

Order to Cash

A demonstration of TimelinePI for Order to Cash processing.


A demonstration of TimelinePI for Healthcare Providers.


A demonstration of TimelinePI for Insurance claims processing.


A demonstration of TimelinePI for Government.

City Services

A demonstration of TimelinePI for fulfilling city service requests.