Uncover insight and make data-backed decisions

TimelinePI’s technology helps you analyze and optimize processes within minutes of uploading data.

Proactively Analyze, Monitor, Predict, and Optimize the Operational Efficiency of All of Your Business Processes

Empower Business Users with Easy to Understand Insights & Analytics

Raise Your Process IQ and become a process genius without the need to be a PhD computer coding engineer or LEAN Black Belt certified. Access to vital operational information shouldn’t be limited to analysts and advanced IT users. With TimelinePI, common business users can easily build in depth queries, automatically discover process execution, drill in to the granular details with 25+ pre-built best practice analysis tools, predict outcomes early on, and monitor operations to ensure processes execute according to plan. All of this is tailored to meet the needs of the business user without coding.

Build Your Organization's Process Control and Command Center

Monitor employee productivity and other key process elements, identify trends, and ultimately improve processes over time. Deliver analytics to business users that connect many application data sources into interactive dashboard views.

Anticipate and Proactively Take Action

Identify issues and potential issues with near real-time data and take action with impactful analytics-based decisions that stop problems in their tracks and ensure that your robotic workforce is performing effectively. Administrators can review historical robot process data to uncover trends and actions to further refine your robotic operations.

Ensure Compliance and Eliminate Risk

Never worry about missing a service agreement or process compliance regulation again. Reduce risk and compliance headaches with a single Process Intelligence Platform that allows you to gain 100% visibility and understanding of your organization’s process performance and compliance across all of your diverse systems.

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How can ABBYY Timeline help?

  • Reveal the how every occurrence of every process is executed automatically– including even the most ad-hoc, variable workflows – at a fraction of the time and cost of old manual efforts
  • Easily identify, quantify, and target the highest impact process instances for digital transformation or automation initiatives
  • Simply & quickly pinpoint the root cause of non-compliant, unusual, or high cost processes by applying easy-to-use, powerful search functions and detailed filters
  • Automatically generate a foundation for data-driven decisions with quantifiable process metrics including costs, duration, volumes and other detailed process artifacts.
  • Easily define complex scenarios or desired protocols, automatically detect as they occur, then trigger human or automated remediation efforts in near real time
  • Use early stage data to predict process outcomes and proactively plan or act