Analyze and Optimize
Process Execution

TimelinePI’s intuitive analytic tools make everyone a process genius. Easy to use, point and click interface. Over 25 best practice process analysis tools.

Take Process Optimization to The Next Level

ABBYY Timeline is built for ease of use, point and click pattern search, offers sophisticated root-cause analytics and so much more to help find the biggest opportunities for improvement, faster and with accuracy not previously possible.

Detailed Case Analysis

Drill down into any timeline and all its relevant sub-processes to identify unexpected problems and potential root causes that drive process behaviors.

Process Pattern Search

Use drag and drop functionality to easily build complex queries to zero in on process instances that match those conditions with sub-second response time.

Workflow/Journey Mapping

Processes that utilize queue based routing of people or work items, like customer service or call center operations, are analyzed automatically.

A variety of prepackaged process analytics make it easy to become process geniuses. See all the analysis capabilities in the knowledgebase.

Raise your Process IQ­

We provide the tools to help you easily understand process dynamics , the root causes that drive behaviors, and help you clearly identify when process variations pose a risk to mandated compliance or service level agreements

After Discovering how your processes are being executed, Analyze them to understand where and how improvements are possible. TimelinePI’s Path Analysis analyzes every variation of any executed process so you can compare metrics and find hidden patterns or costly and time consuming variations. Use filters to sift through and find only timelines that meet specific criteria. Detailed Case Analysis allows you to drill into every process steps and associated sub-processes – even when executed in different systems!

One of the most powerful tools that ABBYY Timeline provides is the Process Query Analysis. We make it easy to define highly specific patterns or scenarios and then find them in sub-second response time. Over 25 different pre-packages analytic tools makes it easy to the find high-value Optimization opportunities based on data – not estimates.

Begin Optimizing in No Time

Analyze "as-is" processes

Over 25 pre-built analysis tools make it easy to understand how and why your processes behave as they do.

Find problems

Use extensive filtering capabilities to drill into identified issues and evaluate in-depth process performance. 

Optimize your processes

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it! We quantify process performance and make it easy to target high value improvement.

You Can't Improve What You Don't Understand!

Gain full end-to-end processes visibility regardless of the number of IT systems involved

Improve profitability by uncovering and optimizing process execution time and cost

Identify and then fix bottlenecks that inhibit process throughput and cost money

Present auditable, data-driven evidence of compliance, protocol, and SLA risks

Reduce errors, reveal customer journey, and uncover potential bad or wasteful behavior