Understanding Your Process
Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

The TimelinePI Process Intelligence Platform provides the capability to discover and visualize process execution details automatically from your existing data, so you can quickly grasp opportunities for improvement.

Analyzing processes is difficult

Evaluating end-to-end process performance is hard! That’s because the manual approaches used today are costly, time consuming, and can only offer partial answers. Everyone has their own process bias and often times it is difficult to see how the process flows in its as-is state.

Old methods just don't cut it anymore


Everyone pictures the process in their own perspective, biased by  their role. Many organization’s lack the ability to guarantee that processes are working efficiently, or that they are accurate and consistent because they only know their part and rarely get to see how the other parts actually function.

Limited Understanding

No one person who performs the complete process. Multiple people and departments perform the process. These people only see the process from their own eyes. Some issues can’t be uncovered because they’re not shown on the front, they’re in between teams, and individuals don’t know about them. The secrets are in the data.

Timely and Costly

Complete process studies can take weeks or even months to only begin to understand how an organization operates. If anything in the process changes the entire evaluation could be a bust. For all this time, thousands of dollars are spent to just scratch the surface in understanding process execution. 

Manual Approach

Process evaluations include lots of labor to record time and motion studies, conduct interviews, various process discovery meetings, and laborious tasks. These aren’t always accurate, but none the lesstake weeks if not months to complete and often times cost millions of dollars to perform.

Let's make some sense of it...

Consider every step completed by everyone and every machine involved in a process. If you think of those steps as “digital footprints” stored in your BIG DATA warehouses, then imagine a platform that can make sense of the data. Imagine the ability to automatically organize and visually display your entire process end-to-end.

With this insight, it becomes easy to identify areas for process improvement–sometimes in places you weren’t even looking. 

Now you can focus more on your business and your customers, instead of wasting resources on bad processes.

Problem Solved:
A Process Intelligence
Platform Approach

Processes are everywhere and are typically connected and/or recorded in your IT systems. Using advanced algorithms, TimelinePI extracts and reads the time stamps used to record specific events along your processes. The software then visually models these time stamps in such a way that you can instantly identify deviations from the ideal process flow — to find the root cause of a problem that may be costing your business money.

Works with any System or Data Source

TimelinePI can connect and extract data from practically any system used in the running of your company – Legacy Systems, Packaged Applications (ERP, CRM, HCM, etc), Trading Partners, Databases/EDW/Marts.

Import data into TimelinePI and instantly gain full transparency and insight into the process.

With over 25 prebuilt modules, process analysis has never been easier.

How TimelinePI's Process Intelligence Platform Works

Easily identify and quantify the impact of inefficient or broken process variations, determine their root causes and how to fix them, and monitor ongoing performance in real time to alert key staff for protocol deviations.

Develop an understanding of process performance based on actual data.

Achieve sustainable process efficiency at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional lean or optimization efforts.

The TimelinePI Approach

Process Mining

Automatically piece together the ‘as-is’ business process analyzing events, correlations, frequency, and performance. Within minutes all of the relevant information is presented in an easy to read and understand format. 

Process Analysis

Easily create an interactive model containing all the relevant process information down to the single case level. Highlight process exceptions, unusual transactions, bottlenecks, deviations, weaknesses and potential risks in processes. 

Process Monitoring

Identify inefficient variations and set rules for the process. Alert the right staff or automate remediation to ensure processes are functioning properly and eliminate bad processes before they happen with ongoing monitoring of protocols.

Process Prediction

Predict the future process state. Combine process mining with machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve highly intelligent and fully automated insights to forecast processes in their future state, and take action to ensure positive outcomes.

Visualize Business Process Performance

Load data — then analyze — it's that fast!

TimelinePI makes process optimization easy


Enhance insight into process execution by gaining transparency into the performance and efficiency of operational processes to improve process execution.

Increase process efficiency by identifying process weaknesses, compliance deviations, and opportunities for high impact optimization.

Improve profitability and elimination of waste by simplifying and streamlining operations to reduce operating expenses while enhancing processing speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Process Improvement with TimelinePI

You already have all the data – It’s time to build a better view of your business.