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Enterprise Grade Process Intelligence

Our Process Intelligence Platform was developed based on years of working with business intelligence tools that missed the mark in intuitive process analytics. The vast majority of process execution today is tracked, managed, and executed through any number of IT systems of record. That means that you already have a record of just about every aspect of any process logged inside of those systems. No matter how many business intelligence tools, dashboards, or reports you have – they simply can’t recreate an end-to-end view of process execution. We know, because we come from that world and were frustrated by its limitations.

transform the way your business runs

Stop letting “we’ve always done it this way” hold your company back


We remove the complexity of process analysis to deliver the aha moment with every click

Everyone. Everywhere. Every day.

A New Approach to Analytics

Gain full confidence of your processes through advanced analytics utilizing Timeline Analysis. It’s scalable and easy to use. Whether you are uploading one source of data or many, TimelinePI’s no code, drag-and-drop analytics in the cloud capabilities makes process excellence attainable for everyone. The Timeline Approach to Process Analytics helps make everyone a Process Genius!

Everything the Business User Needs

Raise Your Organization’s Process IQ and become a process genius without the need to be a PhD computer coding engineer or LEAN Black Belt certified. Access to vital operational information shouldn’t be limited to analysts and advanced IT users. With TimelinePI, common business users can easily build in depth queries, automatically discover process execution, drill in to the granular details with 25+ pre-built best practice analysis tools, predict outcomes early on, and monitor operations to ensure processes execute according to plan. All of this is tailored to meet the needs of the business user without coding.

Advanced Process Analytics
Anytime, Anywhere for Anyone
Empower Your Entire Organization

Processes involve numerous departments, employees, different regions and multiple back end data systems.

You already have all the data – isn’t it time to build a better view of your processes?

A Comprehensive Process Intelligence Platform

Discovery & Mapping

Analysis & Optimization

Monitoring & Alerting

Discovery & Mapping

Analysis & Optimization

Monitoring & Alerting

Prediction & Forecasting

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Easy to Use

No Code! The Point and Click interface is simple to understand, so advanced process analytics are at your fingertips.


Enjoy peace of mind! Encryption, two-factor authentication, and many more security features to keep you and your data safe.


Raise your organization's Process IQ. Share successes, and work together to bring process intelligence to everyone.

Up To Date

Access the platform 24/7/365 and never worry. Updates and new features are available the minute they're released.