Process Analytics for the Modern Business

Why don’t we let data tell the real story? Companies are sitting on vast amounts of data, but they still lack the means to drive relevant insights from their process-related data. Anyone venturing into a Digital Transformation initiative is preparing for a 6 to 8-month long process of discovering how their processes are functioning pre-implementation. These discovery phase projects could be costing upwards of $25,000/week. But why spend so much time and money on manual process discovery when process intelligence can give insights, straight from the data, showing how processes really work in 70-80% less time.

Uncovering the Story in the Data

Businesses today are facing many issues that require significant changes to be made to improve critical operations of their organizations. In the information age we live in today, almost everything, every piece of work, every action or task performed within your organization leaves behind a digital footprint. These tiny data traces are more than just information sitting in a database. They contain the real, “as-is” story behind how YOUR organization and its processes actually work. Most processes are ad-hoc and do not always perform the way managers and executives expect; there are patterns and bottlenecks that arise that are missed or unknown to process leaders. Telling the data story with process analytics gives business leaders the ability to visualization their processes and investigate the details to improves processes and make more informed decisions.

The information age has also caused people to want to see, get, and use things as fast as they possibly can. This means that consumers have expectations and demands that have increased. They want the fastest service, with the best quality and within the shortest amount of time. Companies now need to re-vamp their business processes to get rid of lag time to ensure they can provide their customers with the most efficient service possible.

Things are Rarely as They Seem

No amount of manual process analysis and design work ensures that people work the way you expect. To truly understand how processes, perform, and avoid backsliding, you need to monitor what happens. How long do processes really take? Do people adhere to the standard? How many different variations occur?

The Timeline Approach Solves Your Headaches

You can see quickly see the power in the technology! Process Intelligence goes far beyond and offers so much more than other technologies you’re using today. Plus…it’s all offered right out of the box in one simple platform!

Using data-driven insights enables you to make smarter decisions faster and communicate better results.  Obviously, your processes are complicated, but how you analyze them doesn’t have to be. Perhaps you are sick of inefficient and broken processes holding your organization back? Maybe you have never actually understood or seen exactly how your processes execute across your organization. With the patented timeline approach, it is so easy to perform advanced process analysis. ABBYY Timeline has an easy to use platform; just about anyone can take a business process as it is, in its current state, and analyze events, frequency, and performance to quickly find improvement opportunities. In just a few clicks, users can identify process exceptions, bottlenecks, deviations, and potential risks that could hinder an effective process.

So Why is It Different?

Process mining vendors have great capabilities in process discovery but have lacked any advanced process analysis or automated monitoring capabilities. And even the best BI platforms lack detailed insights into process execution. Today’s business intelligence and data discovery tools provide organizations with only the most basic insight into its processes – even critical business processes directly related to improving customer interactions and loyalty, building better quality products, mitigating risk, ensuring compliance and more.

The key problem is BI tools generally do not provide analytics in the context of an overall business process. While BI and data discovery tools can provide point-in-time measures or key performance indicators for a given task, they cannot provide answers to such critical questions as:

  • What overall business process(es) is this task part of?
  • How does the performance of this task impact the other tasks within this process?
  • Is the performance quality and timeliness acceptable? If not, is the root cause due to problems with this task, or other tasks earlier in the process?
  • Is this task being performed each time the process is executed? If not, why not?

ABBYY Timeline automates “as-is” process discovery, process mapping, and process flow visualization – then makes it easy to answer even the most complex questions about the underlying causes of process mis-behavior. What’s more, it allows you to monitor your process performance in real-time, so you can take action when things go wrong.

In order to go even further, you can combine process mining with machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is how you achieve highly intelligent and fully automated insights that can forecast processes in the future. That’s right – we can predict what is going to happen within your process, which means problems can be avoided and you can be proactive in ensuring positive outcomes!

Process Analytics Outcomes

ABBYY Timeline transforms existing system data into a clear, concise picture of any operational process – no matter how complex, variable, or ad-hoc it is – so you know what’s really going on. As process experts, we know you need to know Why, before you know How to fix it. Our intelligent analytics help you quickly and easily target which process variations are causing the biggest delays, costing the most money, or creating unacceptable risk.

Honestly – there simply isn’t any excuse for not knowing anymore.
I hope you’ll take a peek at this brief video that demonstrates how process intelligence can help you do more, and go faster, in any process improvement or digital transformation initiative.

Not only does this technology improve your understanding of your data, but it also provides your company with insights for significant improvements in your processes. Companies save immense amount of time and money by redesigning processes that used to be broken or even ignored. Your processes will run smoother and faster, which frees up time for more valuable work to be completed.
With a combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics, users not only have the ability to predict what will happen but can also allow artificial intelligence to prescribe the next best action that should happen to ensure a positive outcome. This technology is powerful because it provides process leaders with error-free solutions to problems or inefficiencies.

So why aren’t all companies jumping at this new technological advancement?

Many are hesitant to invest in a technology that they don’t understand. Process analytics is a relatively new technology and an up and coming field, which means many people lack the understanding of this technology. Many have never even heard of process mining or process analytics. Once they see the power behind the technology, they typical response is: “this is exactly what we have been looking for and couldn’t find it”. They normally follow up with. “How long does it take to get started?” Because once someone sees the incredible amount of usability in the solution, they want it almost immediately and want to get started instantly

There’s Nothing to Fear

Another issue is people have a fear of change; they have become too used to the old way of doing things. They look at changing processes as a hassle and fail to see the full potential of improving processes across their organization. Executives also have a fear of the unknown; they aren’t sure what type of information and new processes will arise. Processes do not need to be difficult and can be manageable when broken down correctly.

There’s huge upside to investing in this technology. Process Analytics can help your business reduce operational costs by as much as 30-40%. Automated process discovery via process mining finds inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, deviations, and bottlenecks that are slowing you down. A Process Intelligence platform like ABBYY Timeline answers questions about your business that you didn’t even know to ask, giving you visibility to make timely, measurable, positive impacts on your processes.

Want to learn more?

With TimelinePI’s patented process intelligence platform, your business can easily uncover process problems and inefficiencies – whether you are aware of the issue or not. All the answers to your questions about how things really happen are already in your data, now you have the solution to easily understand it all.

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December 3, 2018