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Advanced process analytics delivers data driven insights to support and drive your business transformation

Changing the way you think about business.


Robotic Process Automation or RPA adoption is projected to reach 73 percent by 2020 (up from 19 percent today) in finance alone, according to Gartner. Let TimelinePI’s process intelligence software help discover automation opportunities, and WonderBotz’s leading RPA practitioners will help you transform the way you do business through robotics and cognitive and digital automation technologies faster.

You already have all the data –
It’s time to build a better view of your business.

Unlock value by creating an interactive process model that reflects100% of your actual process execution. We automatically Discover & Map process flows, and provide prepackaged tools that help you Analyze process behaviors and Optimize performance to improve customer satisfaction and service delivery.  Automatically Monitor process execution in near real-time and Alert staff to deviations to sustain peak performance. Predict outcomes early on, and ensure positive outcomes.

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Your digital transformation demands more than a pretty dashboard. Quickly build complex queries and sophisticated analysis from existing data, in an easy to use, intuitive user friendly interface. The TimelinePI Process Intelligence Platform was built with the enterprise business user in mind, featuring simple point and click analysis with over 25+ prebuilt, industry best practice tools. 

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Reinforce best practices to ensure continuous improvement from your organization. TimelinePI drives your digital transformation as your command and control center for all your organization’s business processes. No other solution on the market today provides this type of advanced process analytics capabilities including process mining, advanced analysis, real-time monitoring/alerting, and AI powered prediction all on one platform.

Preparing for Your
Digital Worker

The introduction of digital workers – while still early in its evolution, is gathering momentum quickly based on the tremendous efficiencies and accuracy it can deliver. Whether your Blue Prism project focuses on automating simple, structured data tasks — or more complex, operations that blend bots with human labor — there is a key ingredient for success: in-depth knowledge of current process execution.

TimelinePI's advanced process analytics could be your highway to Process Excellence

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