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Reinforce best practices to ensure continuous improvement from your RPA system. ABBYY Timeline drives robotic process automation (RPA) enablement and governance with advanced process mining, analysis, monitoring with alerting, and prediction capabilities.

Why base your RPA investment on samples and best guesses? There isn’t any excuse not to know anymore – let the data speak for itself.

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Gain more from your Blue Prism Investment.

ABBYY Timeline collects data generated from your processes and Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce for faster discovery, analysis, and automatic monitoring and remediation of real-time process flows. 

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Process Intelligence Works In Every Phase of Your Automation Effort


See the entire ”as is” process prior to any automation efforts

Identify the best opportunity for automation Hint: the step that happens the most often or costs the most isn’t always the best fit

Have quantitative information in order to get management to buy in


In this phase let Blue Prism do the heavy lifting

Process intelligence can be used to help with initial testing and piloting to help fine tune the process

Tip: Use Side by Side Analysis with the pilot to see where to fine tune before scaling the automation to the whole business


Use process intelligence for continuous improvement

Monitor your entire process, not just what was automated

Trigger your bots for action automatically using prediction and webhooks

Robotic Process Automation: Understanding the “Future of Work” and Transforming Your Business

Robotic Process Automation: Understanding the “Future of Work” and Transforming Your Business

Which processes are suitable?

Although any repeatable process with some sort of structured process rules is compatible with Blue Prism and ABBYY Timeline below are some of the top opportunities for automation wins

And more!

Automatic Discovery and Assessment

Discover the true “as is” process. Automatically map and understand process flows with the click of the mouse.

Advanced, Industry Best Practice Analysis

Analyze your process to find opportunities for improvement. Drill in to uncover root cause to process problems and issues in operations.

Real Time Operational Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor and react to process execution. Receive alerts in real time about your process. Forecast process outcomes to take action before its too late.

Still unsure how Process Intelligence works?

See process intelligence in action and watch exactly how process data can go from uploaded to analyzed for critical business insights.

Even better set up a call with one of our representatives to see how process intelligence can fit in to your  specific business and automation efforts

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