Accelerate Your Enterprise RPA Projects with Timeline Process Intelligence

Whether your RPA project focuses on automating simple, structured data tasks — or more complex, operations that blend bots with human labor — there is a key ingredient for success: in-depth knowledge of current process execution. 

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Robotic Process Automation

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Reduction in Time to Successful RPA
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Insight into ROI of Automation

Eliminate the Need for Timely and Costly Manual Process Discovery

A Faster Way to Scale Your Digital Worker

Target processes with the best return

  • Discover opportunities and identify the optimal processes for RPA
  • Easily identify the high impact opportunities
  • Understand process execution’s cost, time, delays, and all the other intricate details about how your business processes execute as-is

Optimize so that robots can do more

  • Detects problems, bottlenecks, and unnecessary steps within the process, to optimize processes before RPA implementation.
  • Visualize and understand 100% of process execution so you can take action based on facts, not assumptions


Unveil as-is process execution with the click of the mouse.


As soon as your data is loaded you can observe the key profile metrics for your business processes.

Timeline Analysis

Visualize your end-to-end process from reconstructed process instances even across multiple back-end systems.

Schema Analysis

Automatically visualize process schemas in both structured and ad hoc or case management business process environments.

Path Analysis

Easily compare variations and highlight outliers that may be costing you more than expected, or introducing operational risk.

Target High-Value RPA Opportunities

Avoid automation of broken or poorly executed processes

  • 100% “as-executed” process visibility allows teams to identify, analyze and correct process execution issues such as bottlenecks, compliance risks, or mis-sequenced execution pre-RPA.
  • Avoid or fix broken processes that amplify RPA development costs and extend time to value.
  • Identify potential changes in process execution that can expand the scope and value of RPA investments.

Benefits of process mining with RPA include:

  • Provide a complete overview of all processes end-to-end
  • Identify high ROI processes suitable for RPA implementation
  • Determine the best-case process flow/process path
  • Spot redundant processes that you may be unaware of.
  • Identify robotic processes optimizations that can free up digital worker cycles — making even the most productive digital workforce even more productive.
  • Discover inefficient human-digital worker hand-off or vice versa.
  • Provide quantifiable data on the financial impact of digital worker by process.
  • Compare human vs digital labor in terms of cost, accuracy, efficiency, and duration.

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Process Assessment

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