Accelerate Your Enterprise RPA Projects with ABBYY Timeline and Blue Prism

Process Intelligence empowers discovery of automation opportunities based on data and ensures control via continuous real-time monitoring.

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As demand and expectations skyrocket, RPA vendors and adopters alike are finding their initiatives unintentionally and often unnecessarily gated by the time and effort required by the pre-RPA process discovery and benchmarking of the as-is state. Aka “How do we know what to automate next and why?”

What’s the Value for Blue Prism Customers?

Scale the Digital Workforce

Unlock value by creating an interactive process model that reflects 100% of your actual process execution. Automatically Discover & Map process flows and provide prepackaged tools that help you Analyze process behaviors and Optimize performance to improve customer satisfaction and service delivery.  Identify, justify, and prioritize process automation through data-driven insights.

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Changing the way you think about business.

The Blue Prism/ABBYY Timeline Technology Ecosystem partnership integrates TimelinePI’s Process Intelligence Platform solution with Blue Prism RPA to improve automation efforts by exposing and quantifying process performance. This integration adds the critical skill of Planning & Sequencing to Blue Prism Intelligent Automation, giving enterprises the ability to optimally plan workflow and workload execution

Gain more from your Blue Prism Investment.

ABBYY Timeline collects data generated from your processes and Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce for faster discovery, analysis, and automatic monitoring and remediation of real-time process flows. 

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the ABBYY Timeline advantage.

Your digital transformation demands more than a pretty dashboard. Quickly build complex queries and sophisticated analysis from existing data, in an easy to use, intuitive user friendly interface. The ABBYY Timeline Process Intelligence Platform was built with the enterprise business user in mind, featuring simple point and click analysis with over 25+ prebuilt, industry best practice tools. 

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some information.

Be the intelligent business of tomorrow. Today.

Reinforce best practices to ensure continuous improvement from your RPA system. ABBYY Timeline drives robotic process automation (RPA) enablement and governance with advanced process mining, analysis, monitoring with alerting, and prediction capabilities.

Why base your RPA investment on samples and best guesses? There isn’t any excuse not to know anymore – let the data speak for itself.

Preparing for Your
Blue Prism Digital Worker

The introduction of digital workers – while still early in its evolution, is gathering momentum quickly based on the tremendous efficiencies and accuracy it can deliver.  Whether your Blue Prism project focuses on automating simple, structured data tasks — or more complex, operations that blend bots with human labor — there is a key ingredient for success: in-depth knowledge of current process execution.

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Analytics in Action!

Automated Discovery & Base-lining

Discover a baseline for your Blue Prism initiatives and identify the best candidates for robotic automation and increase ROI.

Query & Automated Issue Remediation

Query where issues may be occurring within an organization’s processes. If non-compliant, risky or inefficient behaviors appear, a bot can be automatically triggered to mitigate any issues, maintaining consistent process optimization.

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