Project Details Panel

The project panel provides various information about the project and allows user to change the project configuration.

The panel includes:

Project name and controls to change it

Public Project

On the project Edit panel we need to add the check-off Public Project:
If user checks this option, panel pops up: “CAUTION: By making this Public Project, any user that has a link to the project will be able to access the project without any additional user authentication. By approving this selection you should assume that any information available for this project will be available to everyone. Yes/No”. If user clicks Yes, the option is set.
For public project role Viewer doesn’t require account and registration.

Disable Data Caching on client

If the project data is extremely sensitive, you may disable caching the data in the web browsers. It will result in noticeably increased start time.

Data Encryption

All data will be encrypted when stored. There could be a small increase in loading time.

Section for Sharing – Project Users


A project may have any number of users and a user could be a part of multiple projects.
User’s rights in a project could be one of the following:

  • Viewer – can only view data. Can’t save sets, can’t save queries, can’t create or remove tags.
  • User – can view the data and save sets, queries, tags.
  • Data master – can view the data AND upload new data
  • Admin – can view the data AND upload new data AND add/remove other users and change their rights (except for Owner)
  • Owner – a person who created the project. There’s only one owner for a project at a time. The ownership could be transferred to another user. An owner has all rights of Admin.

One the current owner could see item Owner in the drop-down list. If he sets this value to another user, the panel comes up “Are you sure you want to transfer the ownership to another user? You won’t be able to take it back. Yes/No”. If user says Yes, he becomes Admin and another user becomes Owner.


Any admin or owner could make another user an admin or remove the admin right from him, except for the Owner. An admin changes the rights of other users by clicking on the drop-down lists in the user grid.

Admin could also add create another user to the project by typing his email and clicking Enter. In such case: New user is created with rights “User”.

If the user already has account in TimelinePI, he simple gets email notification about access to a new project.

If user doesn’t have an account, we create new account in Recovery status, then send user an email with the temporary password – exactly the same process as when user recovers the forgotten password – see User Management document.

Data Master

This is a person who has access to Upload panel and can upload new data.

Section for Project Data Sources

Section for Data Uploads

All uploads to a project can be seen and deleted uploads are documented.