We automatically discover and visualize every logged ServiceNow® incident or task process “as-executed”, and then help service desk managers quickly find and eliminate ticketing process bottlenecks, uncover and avoid SLA violations, or zero in on the causes of unnecessary, avoidable tickets.

At the click of a mouse, discover the root cause behind repeated tasks or delays that cost time, money and ultimately lowers customer satisfaction.

Even better, you can define process protocols, monitor them, and alert staff when they deviate to take remedial action in near real time – creating an environment the fosters higher customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

We’ve done the hard work for you – making it easy to quickly and accurately identify process execution issues, understand what drives them, and promulgate best practices for every fulfiller.

 A free single-user edition is available in addition to the paid standard application.

There simply isn't any reason not to know anymore. Intelligent Process Mining is your ticket into the world of sustainable process excellence in IT service management.

Reinforce Best Practices to Ensure Continuous Improvement From Your IT Help Desk

How TimelinePI Can Help​



Overview – TimelinePI automatically discovers and visualizes task and incident processes.

Timeline Analysis – A unique and intuitive approach to visualizing IT service management processes.

Process Schema – Automatically detect and display structured or variable service process environments. 



Path and Cost Structure – See every process path, and compare side-by-side cost, timing, and identify compliance risks.

Detailed Case Analysis – Display service incidents end-to-end in one screen.

Process Query – A simple drag and drop approach to creating sophisticated, complex search and filtering.



Expose Costs – Uncover unknown opportunities for cost reduction. 

Reduce Time- Faster time to benefit for process improvement initiatives.

Customer Satisfaction – Eliminate process behaviors that reduce overall customer satisfaction.



Protocol Analysis – Easily define rules for monitoring process compliance.

Journey Mapping – Understand the time impact of queue based routing workflows.

Cohort Comparison – Benchmark filtered sets side-by-side for insight to best practice.

The TimelinePI connector is available through the ServiceNow® App Store in two versions:

  • Free Version: Restricted to a single user, alerting disabled. ***Important Note*** Only 1 free license is issued to a company domain/instance. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure they are the authorized consumer of the license on behalf of the company
  • Paid Version: Full license, pricing tied to total ServiceNow® fulfiller licenses. Min list price starts at $1k per month for ServiceNow® instance


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Analytics in Action!

Duration Analysis

Investigate the reasons why some incidents are taking longer than others. Drill in and explore incidents that have more tasks than average. Analyze time between two specific tasks, and compare different departments, regions, or specific employees. Identify specific incident types that tend to add time and cost to your service management process. Visualize incident duration from start to end.

Operational Monitoring and Alerting

Build best practices and rules to support ongoing operational monitoring. Get alerted via email, web services, or SMS text when certain rules in your incident handling are broken. Drill in on specific violations based on root cause related to time, occurrences, or task position. Alert so all future ticket requests and Servicenow incidents are being completed according to SLA. Ensure accountability in your ITSM process.

Data Connect & Incident Analysis

Connect to Servicenow® in real time cloud-to-cloud, to automatically analyze individual incidents and display how service tickets are being handled from start to finish. Automatically understand what tasks typically happen together and see how incidents are processed as-is, understanding your entire process flow. With TimelinePI you can get a full understanding of your incidents end-to-end.

Query Analysis

Ask questions about patterns or scenarios that happen in your incident process management. Find the rare and unusual task patterns that you don’t expect to be happening. Build complex queries in a simple drag and drop interface, to solve the questions you have been trying to answer. Use this insight to build new protocols and rules to prevent these events from happening.


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