Intelligent Automation starts with Process Intelligence

Digital Transformation and Automation are no longer just buzzwords. Instead they are the keys to unlocking technology that is revolutionizing the way that businesses operate and are becoming essential across all business units and functions as customer expectations continue to rise faster than businesses can keep up. Automation has transformed into a technology that has been implemented in millions of processes across many different organizations regardless of industry or organization size. This impact of automation can’t be ignored and is one being felt from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Nearly 50% of businesses have said that they would like to start an automation effort. This is no surprise considering the numerous benefits of automation, yet many of these businesses have no clue where to even begin. More disheartening is that many of those that have taken on their own automation efforts never end up attaining any of the envisioned benefits. Nearly 30-50% of RPA projects fail, and this isn’t because the technology isn’t working; it’s because of human error and lack of information regarding the planning of the project during pre-implementation.

The success of any project can be attributed to its beginning- its planning phases. Now you may think that you have your planning already done or at least close to it. There are many different questions that the automation team must consider before jumping into automating the first task. Some big picture questions the team must consider are shown below: 

  • What process should you automate?
  • What are the benefits of automating that process?
  • How will you monitor success?
  • And many more

Discussing your business’s processes in board meetings is not enough to answer all of these questions. Without a thorough documentation of the processes that the business has in place, many automation teams will select processes that seem like easy wins. However, picking the wrong process in the beginning sets the entire automation project up for failure. All aspects of the process have to be analyzed prior to selection.

Automation, regardless of the industry or scale, begins with a well understood, clearly defined process. The issue is that many companies aren’t really sure what that process is and end up getting lost in trying to reverse engineer the process. This is not only time consuming and costly but also highly error prone. In order to combat this many companies will end up breaking the activity into its smaller parts and automating from here. However, this makes the projects likelihood of scalability reduced drastically. Each of these different solutions just avoid the problem and do not get to the root cause. This creates many different issues down the road when trying to automate. What teams are missing is that they already have the answer.

Process data is the key to your automation project, and you already have it. Whether you use an ERP, a CRM or another application your data is waiting to be put to use. This is where ABBYY Timeline can revolutionize the way you discover, assess, visualize, and analyze process data.

ABBYY Timeline goes beyond traditional process mining when handling this data. Process Intelligence, not to be confused with Business Intelligence, is allowing professionals to truly understand, optimize, and transform their process data for the first time. ABBYY Timeline is able to take this data and give your automation team the answers that they need. We make it easy to analyze these processes and visualize the impacts of cost and time in a simple to use platform. Traditional process evaluation that would have taken 6 to 8 weeks now only takes 6 to 8 days.

What’s even better is that ABBYY Timeline grows with your business throughout the life of the automation project. During implementation, ABBYY Timeline can be used to do a side-by-side analysis to make sure everything is working properly. Post-implementation you can benefit from analysis tools that create an environment for continuous improvement. You can even monitor your new automated workforce to guarantee that benefits remain and get text messages right to your phone if something goes wrong. The benefits of process intelligence go beyond your automation project. Learn more about the advantages of TimelinePI and automation by watching it in action, downloading our free ebook, or taking a look at some of our other blogs. 

Getting automation right is no longer just an advantage but a necessity so get it right the first time. Process intelligence makes sure that you get it right from the beginning. Leverage your automation project by utilizing process intelligence and ensure success from the start.

Scale the Digital Workforce

Unlock value by creating an interactive process model that reflects 100% of your actual process execution. Automatically Discover & Map process flows and provide prepackaged tools that help you Analyze process behaviors and Optimize performance to improve customer satisfaction and service delivery. Identify, justify, and prioritize process automation through data-driven insights. Automatically Monitor process execution in near real-time and Alert staff to deviations to sustain peak performance. Predict outcomes early on, and ensure positive outcomes. 

Add more Value to Digital Transformation and Automation Investments

ABBYY Timeline is designed to connect with systems and work with tools you already use. Timeline Analysis™ expands on the analysis that other analytics tools lack. Connectors and ETL in the cloud help connect systems and data to gain advanced insights about process execution. ABBYY Timeline lets you get more value from existing investments and assist in accelerating RPA implementation.

Blue Prism and ABBYY Timeline have made an alliance to help you transform your processes faster and more efficiently than ever. Process Intelligence empowers discovery of automation opportunities based on data and ensures control via continuous real-time monitoring. Schedule a call to learn about how process intelligence with ABBYY Timeline can transform your business beyond just your automation project. 

May 2, 2019