Insurance Monitoring and Alerting

Re-triage Claims on the Fly, Eliminate File Reviews, Monitor in Real-time

Ready for a novel approach to improving – and sustaining – your P&C claims processing efficiency?

Understanding how your processes really behave, what they cost, and where they can be improved is the first step towards process excellence. While sustaining hard-fought efficiencies over time is challenging – it’s the game changer every insurer needs in today’s competitive markets.
Intelligent Process Mining™ from TimelinePI leapfrogs traditional process improvement efforts, digitally recreating any process end-to-end across any set of IT systems. With TimelinePI, you can eliminate manual file reviews, easily identify and explore throughput bottlenecks, and identify compliance risks. More importantly, you’ll monitor claims in near-real time and automate alerting for defined protocol deviations.

The result? Lower costs, less leakage, faster cycle times, and real-time fraud detection alerts. See for yourself with this five-minute video, highlighting claims processing

  • Load claims or underwriting data to automatically recreate, visualize, and analyze process flows as they really occur.
  • Reveal specific incident types that tend to add time and cost to your claims or underwriting process.
  • Identify rare or unusual process patterns that you don’t expect to be happening, or that may introduce compliance risk.
  • Provides a comprehensive picture of end-to-end process execution with 25 pre-defined analysis techniques.

Intelligent process mining helps you understand how to improve the customer experience and throughput, avoid compliance risks, and identify a wide variety of efficiency improvement opportunities quickly and at a fraction of the cost you pay today. Get an inside view into the inner workings of end-to-end operational processes for any insurance unit.

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