An Easy Button for Claims Process Optimization? You bet.

According to McKinsey & Co*, operations and IT account for more than half of P&C insurers’ cost base. Claims processing – the core of your service delivery capability — is a huge chunk of that cost.  Can you see what’s really happening in 100 percent of your claims processing operations today?  You can, if you want to.

TimelinePI’s Intelligent Process Mining™ is the “Easy Button” that shows you exactly how your processes really execute – enabling you to understand the underlying causes of poor cycle time performance, leakage, or policy compliance.  


  • Extracts data from virtually any IT system(s) to recreate, model, and analyze 100% of your end-to-end claims processes.
  • Helps you analyze, fix or automate your processes to deliver the biggest impact on speed, accuracy, fraud detection, or overpayments.
  • Re-triage on the fly, make file reviews a thing of the past, stop burning out staff with “false-alert fatigue.”

See TimelinePI in action for yourself with these short videos on automated claims process discovery; watch how we deliver 100% process visibility, and how you can fast-track process optimization at a fraction of what you spend now.  

*McKinsey & Co 2014 360° Insurance and Asset Management Report

  • Load claims or underwriting data to automatically recreate, visualize, and analyze process flows as they really occur.
  • Reveal specific incident types that tend to add time and cost to your claims or underwriting process.
  • Identify rare or unusual process patterns that you don’t expect to be happening, or that may introduce compliance risk.
  • Provides a comprehensive picture of end-to-end process execution with 25 pre-defined analysis techniques.

Intelligent process mining helps you understand how to improve the customer experience and throughput, avoid compliance risks, and identify a wide variety of efficiency improvement opportunities quickly and at a fraction of the cost you pay today. Get an inside view into the inner workings of end-to-end operational processes for any insurance unit.

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