To meet the challenges facing claims processing departments today requires a deep understanding of the myriad business processes that are the life’s blood of the operation – it requires TimelinePI. TimelinePI is a completely new way of automatically analyzing data to understand, optimize and monitor the complex web of interconnected and interdependent processes. For the first time, you will have full visibility into all of your processes – including those where process steps were performed on multiple backend systems (e.g. Majesco, DuckCreek, Guidewire, CSC, Insurity, etc.) – to better manage operations and ensure positive business outcomes.

TimelinePI is the next generation of resource solutions and the difference maker for the future of insurance analytics, delivering business value internal staff, contract adjusters, third-party support organizations and other partners.

Read here how TimelinePI can be a perfect tool for discovering the current operational baseline for your claims operation and drilling in more deeply to gain a detailed understanding of what drives performance or contributes to inefficiency.

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Watch a video demonstration of TimelinePI for Insurance Claims Providers using auto insurance data using Timeline Analysis™

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