Improving Quality of Care, Patient Experiences, and Reducing Physician Burnout with New Technology

Timeline Process Intelligence

To meet the challenges facing healthcare providers today requires a deeper understanding of the myriad clinical and business processes executed by an organization – it requires TimelinePI. ABBYY Timeline is a completely new way of automatically analyzing data to understand, optimize and monitor processes. For the first time you will have full visibility of all of your processes end-to-end including those where different steps are recorded in different backend systems (EHR, LIMS, RIS, PACS, RCM, etc.).

At ABBYY Timeline we are obsessed with analyzing business processes. We believe that only by understanding these business processes that are the life’s blood of your organization can you truly achieve operational excellence. Our patent-pending Timeline Analysis analytics engine delivers these critical process intelligence insights automatically – any process, any complexity and any size. 

The insights necessary for healthcare providers to improve clinical effectiveness, maintain quality and safety standards and achieve improved patient satisfaction while managing the financial pressures impacting all providers demands a new approach to operational intelligence. The ABBYY Timeline platform was designed based on years of healthcare experience to allow providers to quickly understand their current operations and provide the power tools to drive innovation only possible with process intelligence.

Healthcare Process Intelligence

Healthcare, while most visibly comprised of highly trained professionals and staff, is built on a complex web of interconnected and interdependent processes. By analyzing the execution of the individual steps of these processes you can discover best practices, identify mistakes and inefficiencies and quantify a variety of behaviors that can directly impact outcomes, revenue and costs. TimelinePI’s power comes from its new approach to process intelligence called Timeline Analysis. The result is the only analytics tool that allows you to analyze the data you already possess in a completely new way. Using data left behind by all your processes, ABBYY Timeline automatically creates an interactive model and generates a wide variety of analyses. The result is getting immediate access to process insights not possible with any other tools. When you have a comprehensive understanding of your existing business processes and you have completed in-depth process analysis, ABBYY Timeline can continue to monitor process steps to ensure they conform with required protocols and ongoing performance targets.

TimelinePI’s platform and its latest innovations build on its patent-pending Timeline Analysis methodology which was developed to specifically address the challenges of analyzing case management processes prevalent in healthcare. By using the wealth of knowledge that can be harvested from healthcare process flows new machine learning predictive capabilities based on mined process flows ABBYY Timeline is able to deliver cutting-edge insights without requiring teams of data scientists or AI experts.

DIY process diagnoses?

It’s here. New technology enables 100% process visibility for healthcare providers.

Did you know that at least 50% of ER efficiency issues are systems-process related?* How admittance, scheduling, lab and x-ray, charting, and paging system processes interact matters. But you can’t fix what you don’t understand, and it’s been time consuming and costly to get even a partial picture of ER processes execution. No more! Intelligent Process Mining from ABBYY Timeline uses existing system data to recreate, model, and analyze 100% of your processes. It’s fast, easy, and available at a fraction of the cost of the methods you may be using now.

*source: American College of Emergency Physicians

This short video shows how this new technology can change your process visibility and fast-track your improvement efforts.

  • Load EHR data to automatically recreate, visualize, and analyze patient flows as they really occur.
  • Reveal specific incident types that tend to add time and cost to your patient care management process.
  • Identify rare or unusual process patterns that you don’t expect to be happening, or that may introduce compliance risk.
  • Provides a comprehensive picture of end-to-end process execution with 25 pre-defined analysis techniques.

Slashing your management consulting spend with a Process Intelligence Platform

Traditional process improvement takes lots of time, money, and people. But new technology makes it possible to recreate and present operational processes “as executed” from the stored data in any system – with all the variations, deviations, and underlying contributing factors at your fingertips.

Intelligent Process Mining from ABBYY Timeline delivers 100% end-to-end visibility of every process, almost instantly, at a tiny fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Imagine – you can now easily explore and understand what drives throughput bottlenecks, costs, and compliance risks associated with any process, across any number of systems.  Better yet, you can see how to solve them. See for yourself with this five-minute video, analyzing Emergency Room Throughput.

  • Investigate the reasons why some processes are taking longer than others.
  • Drill in and explore patients that have more tasks than average.
  • Analyze time between two specific care events, and compare different departments, regions, or specific employees.
  • Identify specific incident types that tend to add time and cost to your patient care management process. Visualize your patient experience duration from start to end.

Keeping your patient flow at peak fitness with real-time process alerts

Understanding how your processes really behave, what they cost, and where they can be improved is the first step towards process excellence. But sustaining that efficiency over time in the face of complex, changing variables can deliver big dividends in the areas of patient access, cost reduction, and quality of care.

Intelligent Process Mining from ABBYY Timeline leapfrogs traditional process improvement efforts, digitally recreating any process end-to-end across any set of systems so you can easily identify and explore throughput bottlenecks, costs, and compliance risks. More importantly, it enables you to monitor them in near-real time and automate staff alerting for defined protocol deviations. The result? Smoother flowing, standard-compliant patient care at reduced costs.

See for yourself with this five-minute video, highlighting Emergency Room process monitoring and alerting.

  • Build best practices and rules to support ongoing operational monitoring. 
  • Get alerted via email, web services, or SMS text when certain rules in your patient process are broken. 
  • Drill in on specific violations based on root cause related to time, occurrences, or task position.
  • Alert so all that all protocols and best practices are being followed.

Sound to good to be true? Its not. And we can show you.

The fact is, process footprints created in almost any IT application (EHR, ERP, LIMS, etc) can be quickly extracted, combined, and automatically reconstructed in digital form.

Insights for All – Everyone. Everywhere. Every day.

Process Analysts

Process improvement analysts employing LEAN, Six Sigma or other methodologies can greatly accelerate their discovery and analysis efforts. Utilizing TimelinePI’s pre-built best-practices process analysis tools empowers them to more efficiently provide services and solutions to a broader set of use cases.


Physicians and clinicians are able to view a comprehensive timeline of a patient’s entire care experience. A view that includes all points of care (hospitals, PCPs and specialists, ambulatory surgery, laboratory, radiology, rehabilitation, pharmacy, etc.) combined with tools to analyze these histories.


Across the organization leadership can perform detailed analysis of a variety of operational areas – from quality and safety to revenue cycle to active case management to finance and beyond. ABBYY Timeline also provides them with the ability to automatically monitor operations and alert when any defined condition is violated or when any process fails to meet performance targets.

What can Timeline Process Intelligence do for you?

Process Intelligence helps you understand how to improve patient experience and throughput, avoid compliance risks, or identify a wide variety of efficiency improvement opportunities quickly and at a fraction of the cost you pay today. Get an inside view into the inner workings of end-to-end operational processes for any service unit.

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March 13, 2019