DIY process diagnoses? It’s here. New technology enables 100% process visibility for healthcare providers.

Did you know that at least 50% of ER efficiency issues are systems-process related?*  How admittance, scheduling, lab and x-ray, charting, and paging system processes interact matters. But you can’t fix what you don’t understand, and it’s been time consuming and costly to get even a partial picture of ER processes execution. No more!  Intelligent Process Mining from TimelinePI uses existing system data to recreate, model, and analyze 100% of your processes. It’s fast, easy, and available at a fraction of the cost of the methods you may be using now.

This short video shows how this new technology can change your process visibility and fast-track your improvement efforts.

*source: American College of Emergency Physicians

  • Load EHR data to automatically recreate, visualize, and analyze patient flows as they really occur.
  • Reveal specific incident types that tend to add time and cost to your patient care management process.
  • Identify rare or unusual process patterns that you don’t expect to be happening, or that may introduce compliance risk.
  • Provides a comprehensive picture of end-to-end process execution with 25 pre-defined analysis techniques.

Process Intelligence helps you understand how to improve patient experience and throughput, avoid compliance risks, or identify a wide variety of efficiency improvement opportunities quickly and at a fraction of the cost you pay today. Get an inside view into the inner workings of end-to-end operational processes for any service unit.

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