Process Intelligence for Emergency Services

Improve productivity and effective management of 911 Emergency response services.

911 Emergency Services

TimelinePI delivers a new approach to analyzing emergency services data to simplify productivity and effective analysis of emergency medical, fire, police and related personnel. It is designed to combine data from any number of computer aided dispatch (CAD) and other fire and police systems to provide a integrated platform to analyze response times, track firefighter and law enforcement officer performance and identify equipment issues. Using TimelinePI command staff can also identify performance variances tied to specific individuals or departments and proactively monitor for future performance issues.

Improvement and Streamlining Emergency Processes

Departments are under strict pressure to respond to emergency situations efficiently. This pressure comes from many sources, including the taxpayers they service, as well as codes and standards mandated by federal, state, and local governments. TimelinePI assists to enhance call taking and dispatch operations for police, fire and emergency medical services departments. 

Emergency and Disaster
Planning as a Process

Natural disaster, human error, homegrown terrorism, regulatory compliance, equipment failure, or an awareness of potential crises…the list of emergency scenarios can be extensive. When companies prioritize emergency response planning, they can optimize their response. 

Expose every process, every blindspot, compliance risk, or service metric that your organization executes everyday. It’s not magic (although it may seem like it!) – it’s simply the next step in the digital transformation taking place in every industry today.

Intelligent process analytics helps you understand what’s working, what’s not, why, and identifies opportunities to improve efficiency, service delivery or revenue cycle. Make compliance easy by monitoring clinical operations in realtime, while proactively alerting your staff when protocols are not followed or process misbehaviors are detected.

Everyone. Everywhere. Every day.

Every day, everybody, everywhere can help to enhance the quality of work, to be more efficient, and create more value. Processes are the fundamental building blocks of all organizations, and both process understanding and process improvement form the lifeblood of total quality organizations. 


Intelligent Emergency Response 

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Emergency 911 Datasheet

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