Process Intelligence for Government - Federal, State, and Local

Need to Improve productivity and effective management of city/local, state, and federal government services.

Citizens expect more while agencies operate with less

National and local governments are improving citizen services by interacting with citizens, industry and commerce, as well as with other agencies through electronic means. Information and communication technologies have great potential to improve government operations. These large IT investments bring hopes of a more efficient government and more accessible information, services, and citizen engagement experiences. They also add risks during the conception, implementation, and operation. A careful and thorough analysis of processes must be defined not only through business process modeling of the ‘should-be’ process, but also add the ability to see the ‘as-is’ process state. With TimelinePI’s sophisticated process intelligence is platform, process optimization and improvement is only a few clicks of the mouse way.

Many agencies begin a process improvement program with much enthusiasm, only to uncover later that employees do not necessarily understand the current processes as well as initially thought. With TimelinePI at the center of process improvement initiatives agencies are producing substantial positive improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

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Who would use process analytics in government?

  • Process Improvement Teams (Chief Admin Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Department leaders, etc.)
  • Data Science Teams (Open Data, transparency, Govt. Performance and Results Act, Total quality management, etc.)
  • Process Managers (quality control, citizen journey mapping, employee journey mapping, procurement & supply chain, etc.)
  • Auditors (SOX compliance, regulatory compliance, risk management, etc.)
  • IT Departments (Open Data, transparent government, operational excellence, Digital Transformation, etc.)
  • Consultants (improvement projects, LEAN initiatives, six sigma teams, performance budgeting, etc.)

Uncovering the "Who", "What", "When"
and "How" of processes.

State and local governments are faced with the continuous challenge of trying to deliver the highest level of citizen services while being forced to operate with lower budgets. Using TimelinePI agencies can quickly discover and understand their current process state, identify opportunities for process improvement and monitor compliance with best practices or compliance rules while ensuring the right steps are being performed.

Take the guess work out and depend on real data to inform and create actionable insight to discover how processes truly operate.

Reduce waste by eliminating repeated process steps, reducing process time, and ensuring error-free work with prediction, monitoring and the automatic remediation of problems.

Optimize processes with automatic process mining (discovery), cost analysis, and other best practice approaches all of which come pre-built with TimelinePI.

Understand complex processes with no coding or IT experience, and  analyze processes across any number of systems.

What can TimelinePI do for you?

Standardize Processes

Eliminate bottlenecks and increase productivity to offer better quality service to constituents.

Gain New Insight from Data

Eliminate waste and repeated tasks. Uncover data insights you can use to add value.

Maximize Talent

Workloads are growing while the talent pool is shrinking. Increase productivity with new technology.


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Ready to see a live demonstration?

Analytics In Action

Watch a video demonstration of TimelinePI for Government analyzing three different process areas: Non-emergency 311 City Services,  Procurement/Invoice Processing, and Emergency 911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) data using Timeline Analysis™