Process Intelligence for
Banking & Financial Services

Automatically analyze all process instances and detect behaviors that may be beneficial or detrimental to operations.

Financial Services processes are complex

As financial institutions adapt to the ever changing business climate and an evolving regulatory and compliance climate, their day-to-day operational processes may become unnecessarily complex, adding time and cost to routine tasks and impeding the delivery of responsive customer service.

Critical processes often grow in complexity over time and contain numerous manual tasks, handoffs with bottlenecks, errors and omissions, rework, and repeated data entry. In an environment of declining margins and increased customer expectations, such process flaws can be devastating both to the customer experience as well as the bottom line.

Opportunities are Everywhere

ABBYY Timeline helps financial institutions analyze their operations and assess opportunities to:

  • Learn how these business processes are really executed and detect where and how to significantly improve them
  • Analyze transaction data in near real-time
  • Improve customer service
  • Identify processes ideal for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA)
  • Increase accuracy in reporting and compliance
  • Streamline processes, increasing efficiency, and eliminated wasteful rework   

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for Banking & Financial Services

ABBYY Timeline Mortgage Processing

Explore and begin to understand one financial services organization using TimelinePI’s public project: ABBYY Timeline Mortgage Processing.

Gain full visibility of all your organization’s processes end-to-end, including those where different steps are recorded in different backend systems being used like blockchain and other core systems that may be used in the organization. 

ABBYY Timeline is the next generation of resource solutions and the difference maker for the future of Financial Service analytics, delivering business value to employees, external partners and leadership within the organization.

ABBYY Timeline can be the perfect tool for discovering the current operational baseline for your financial procedures and drilling in more deeply to gain a detailed understanding of what drives performance or contributes to inefficiency within your organization.

Process Query
Users can easily define complex queries using a simple point-and-click configuration tool and find those process instances that match those conditions with sub-second response time.