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Q: What is a Timeline?

A: A timeline is the history of a process instance. A timeline simply consists of events which state that something happened to this “thing” at specific time. See more at What is a Timeline?

Q: What data is required?

A: The mandatory data requirements are: a TimelineID – A column for some identifier of an object you want to track over time. This could be an Order ID, Claim ID, Patient Encounter Number, Support Ticket Number, and so on; a Timestamp – A column for the timestamp showing when something happened in the life of the object. This column generally contains a date and time (see format description below). If a date with no time is provided, midnight (12:00 AM, 00:00:00) will be used; and an Event Name – A column describing what happened to the object at that time – Order Submitted, Patient Departed, Adjuster Assigned, Ticket Escalated etc.

In addition to the mandatory columns, the file can contain any number of additional columns which will be used as dimensional attributes. Users will be able to filter by these fields, group and break down by them, or use them as additional information when analyzing the processes.
See more at Data Requirements

Q: What makes TimelinePI any different from process mining tools out there?

A: TimelinePl has extensive capabilities that allow faster and better process flow analysis, unlike others that can’t filter, search, or analyze violations, patterns and events in a process flow (can only do mining or as in Al — pattern mining). No single solution can match the complete set of capabilities and features of TimelinePl.

TimelinePl allows for the quick import of any data, and is flexible and customizable – allowing you to easily and quickly incorporate any business process or sub-process, unlike some solutions that are specific to a certain use case or business definition (specialized flow analysis vendors)

Q: How do I connect to ServiceNow® as a data source?

A: See the step-by-step directions here.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our pricing has a couple of dependencies:

  • The number of process / projects to be covered?
  • The amount of records (activities) that will be loaded.

We start as little as $1K per month.

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