Ensure Continuous Improvement From Your ServiceNow® Help Desk

The ABBYY Timeline connector is available through the ServiceNow® App Store in two versions:

Free Version: Restricted to a single user, alerting disabled.

***Important Note*** Only 1 free license is issued to a company domain/instance. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure they are the authorized consumer of the license on behalf of the company

Paid Version: Full license, pricing tied to total ServiceNow® fulfiller licenses. Min list price starts at $1k per month for ServiceNow® instance

Automatically discover and visualize every logged ServiceNow® incident or task process “as-executed”, and then help service desk managers quickly find and eliminate ticketing process bottlenecks, uncover and avoid SLA violations, or zero in on the causes of unnecessary, avoidable tickets.

At the click of a mouse, discover the root cause behind repeated tasks or delays that cost time, money and ultimately lowers customer satisfaction.

Even better, you can define process protocols, monitor them, and alert staff when they deviate to take remedial action in near real time — creating an environment the fosters higher customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

We’ve done the hard work for you — making it easy to quickly and accurately identify process execution issues, understand what drives them, and promulgate best practices for every fulfiller.

At TimelinePI, we are process-obsessed. Our unique process-focused SaaS solution delivers informed process understanding, so organizations can quickly query, analyze, discover and monitor the ebbs and flows of their business, regardless of the supporting systems and process complexity. You already have all the data — it’s time to build a better view of your business. We are turning process analysis on its head — giving you the ability to easily query process flow, uncover variations, and quickly identify and manage the unexpected. You are constantly searching for new ways to improve your processes. Don’t let ‘we’ve always done it this way’ hold you back.

TimelinePI, is the only Process Intelligence Platform available today, making it the most advanced process analytics solution to date. The ABBYY Timeline Process Intelligence Platform was designed with the user in mind. Utilizing next generation process mining methodology, specialized analytics, automated process monitoring and alerting, and predictive machine learning enables sustainable, enterprise-wide process excellence. The ABBYY Timeline platform built using the company’s patent-pending Timeline Analysis™ architecture, delivers process insight and control capable of addressing even the most complex business process scenarios.

February 13, 2019