Process Intelligence for Business Process Management

Automatically analyze all process instances and detect behaviors that may be beneficial or detrimental to operations. 

Make your business more efficient

The efficiency and agility of any business is only as good as its underlying processes. Best-in-class organizations have perfected the art of aligning the most optimal process paths with business objectives. ABBYY Timeline delivers critical process intelligence which allows you to analyze your current process workflows and improve the execution of those business processes. With the patent-pending Timeline Analysis approach, organizations are able to take full advantage of BPM initiatives through new methods of process analysis, with the ability to uncover behaviors that may be beneficial or detrimental to operations.

ABBYY Timeline is the process intelligence software that automatically maps and analyzes the flow of your business operations.

The information is already in your databases. By using ABBYY Timeline process intelligence, it is as simple as clicking upload to begin to understand your data and improving your business processes.

Easy as 1-2-3!

Reconstruct and Visualize the Process

Do you know how your business processes actually operate right now? Not the way they’re supposed to operate, not the way somebody says they operate – but data driven Insight to automatically show you how your processes are actually being executed.

Detect Problems Automatically

Understand the timing of your processes from start to finish and all the associated gaps in between, find out exactly where processes slow down, and whether it is in the same spot at the same time or whether it is distributed. Most importantly – drill down in to such process problems to find the root cause creating actionable insight.

Be Alerted to Process Violations

Search for Patterns in your process data, act on them and make sure that problems do not happen in the future. Be 100% compliant in your processes.  Receive immediate alerts about the important process violations.

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Path Analysis

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