Alliance Program

Classroom Material

  • Real world case studies and exercises for experiential learning
  • Technical support for your academic courses
  • Lecture slides

Academic Use

Use ABBYY Timeline for no cost for:

  • Student Research
  • Academic Seminars
  • Classroom Lectures


  • Publishing
  • Student Awards and Recognition
  • Student Grants and Scholarships

Access the software on the web 24/7/365 from any web browser

University Students Attending Lecture On Campus

Academic Research

Over the last several years more and more research groups have been exploring business process research. Business Process Management curriculum has been steadily making its way into the standard core curriculum for business students both undergraduate and graduate.

Course Material

We provide course material around process intelligence to lecturers of partner universities. If you would like access to our course material, please get in touch at!

If you are an academic staff member or student and want to join the ABBYY Timeline Academic Alliance Program and become an Academic Partner contact us today!

ABBYY Timeline Academic License

We provide licenses for our leading process intelligence software platform free of charge to students and teaching staff members of our partner universities.

If your university participates in the Academic Alliance, you can request your academic license as described above. If not, please get in touch with us at!

So how do I get my license?

Glad you asked, it’s as easy as following these simple steps:

  1. Confirm your college or university’s Academic Alliance Program.
  2. Once confirmed, register here. Make sure to use your official university email address!
  3. If you agree to our terms, you’re ready to go!

Academic Partners

If your university is not listed here, but you think it should be, please get in touch with us at