About Us

TimelinePI, is the only Process Intelligence Platform available today, making it the most advanced process analytics solution to date. The TimelinePI Process Intelligence Platform was designed with the user in mind: To Raise Your Process IQ. Utilizing next generation process mining methodology, specialized analytics, automated process monitoring and alerting, and predictive machine learning enables sustainable, enterprise-wide process excellence.  The TimelinePI platform was built using the company’s patent-pending Timeline Analysis™ architecture, delivers process insight and control capable of addressing even the most complex business process scenarios. 

What We Do

At TimelinePI, we are process-obsessed. Our unique process-focused SaaS solution delivers informed process understanding, so organizations can quickly query, analyze, discover and monitor the ebbs and flows of their business, regardless of the supporting systems and process complexity. You already have all the data – it’s time to build a better view of your business. We are turning process analysis on its head — giving you the ability to easily query process flow, uncover variations, and quickly identify and manage the unexpected. You are constantly searching for new ways to improve your processes. Don’t let ‘we’ve always done it this way‘ hold you back.

Our Mission

TimelinePI’s mission is to raise your organization’s Process IQ. Our comprehensive Process Intelligence platform enables anyone to visualize, quantify and understand how processes behave– and then monitor performance in near real-time. We make it easy for you to be a process genius.

 Our Vision

Like any other specialty area, understanding business process data requires tools optimized for the task. Existing business intelligence and analytics tools provide no meaningful help when it comes to understanding and analyzing business process data. By providing tools which were designed solely for this type of analysis we believe we can offer insights and ease-of-use not possible before.

Our Technology

The TimelinePI technology is capable of ingesting data from any number of systems. Once the data is loaded the system automatically correlates each new data element with all others to detect and display all the timelines related to each business process occurrence and a wide variety of analytics associated with them individually or as a collection. Finally, a collection of analysis tools provides you with the ability to query your data in a way never previously possible.

Where We Come From

Headquartered just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in, the small suburban town of Springfield Township, Delaware County, TimelinePI is the first US based Process Mining/Process Analytics company.

Who We Are

TimelinePI was founded by Scott Opitz and Alex Elkin, based on years of working with business intelligence tools that missed the mark in intuitive process analytics. No Business Intelligence tool on the market today can reconstruct entire process timelines or provide in-depth visualization and analysis of highly variable, ad hoc business processes.


The Founders​


Scott Opitz is a 30 year veteran of the computer industry and has founded and built companies in the application integration, business process management, and business intelligence spaces.

Scott Opitz is the current President and CEO of TimelinePI. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Altosoft Corporation. Prior to co-founding Altosoft, Mr. Opitz served as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing & Business Development, for webMethods (now Software AG) where he was responsible for webMethods’ marketing, business development and strategic product planning. Mr. Opitz joined webMethods as a result of its acquisition of IntelliFrame Corporation, where he served as Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. Mr. Opitz also served of Chief Technology Officer for Computer Network Technology Corporation (now Brocade) and Vice President of Advanced Technology for Conextions, Inc.

Alex Elkin

Alex Elkin is the current CTO of TimelinePI. He served as Vice President of Products of PowerPlan, Inc. Mr. Elkin is Co-Founder of altosoft corporation and serves as its Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President. Prior to starting Altosoft in conjunction with Scott Opitz, Elkin was a co-founder and Vice President of Engineering for IntelliFrame Corporation, one of the first companies to develop a complete suite of BPM and composite application development products. After IntelliFrame’s acquisition by webMethods (now Software AG), he spearheaded webMethods’ Advanced Technology Group.