TimelinePI’s mission is to raise your organization’s Process IQ™. Our cloud-based intelligent process mining solution reads process event data captured in your existing IT systems and uses it to automatically recreate a “digital process twin” you can explore, analyze and even monitor in near real-time. It’s now possible to visualize and understand how your operational processes are really executed end-to-end, in all their variations, across any number of systems.  Sophisticated process intelligence tools make it easy to identify impactful process deviations, reveal high-ROI efficiency improvements, expose compliance risks, and zero in on the root cause that drive specific behaviors. There is no reason not to know anymore. Drive digital process transformation with data-driven insights that increase your entire organization’s understanding of how to achieve sustainable process excellence.


At TimelinePI, we are process-obsessed. Our unique process-focused SaaS solution delivers informed process understanding, so organizations can quickly query, analyze, discover and monitor the ebbs and flows of their business, regardless of the supporting systems and process complexity. You already have all the data – it’s time to build a better view of your business. We are turning process analysis on its head — giving you the ability to easily query process flow, uncover variations, and quickly identify and manage the unexpected. You are constantly searching for new ways to improve your processes. Don’t let ‘we’ve always done it this way’ hold you back.


The TimelinePI team has a singular focus – delivering intuitive tools to empower the broadest range of users to better understand and control their businesses. Together they have been responsible for innovations in the areas of data and application integration, business process management, business intelligence and analytics.


Like any other specialty area, understanding business process data requires tools optimized for the task. Existing business intelligence and analytics tools provide no meaningful help when it comes to understanding and analyzing business process data. By providing tools which were designed solely for this type of analysis we believe we can offer insights and ease-of-use not possible before.


The TimelinePI technology is capable of ingesting data from any number of systems. Once the data is loaded the system automatically correlates each new data element with all others to detect and display all the timelines related to each business process occurrence and a wide variety of analytics associated with them individually or as a collection. Finally, a collection of analysis tools provides you with the ability to query your data in a way never previously possible.