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Process Intelligence​

No Integration! No Code! Fast Results!
Raise Your Process IQ and Accelerate Your
Digital Transformation with Advanced Process
Analysis Capabilities Offered Out of the Box.

Advanced Process analytics

Raising Your
Process IQ

Our comprehensive Timeline Process Intelligence platform makes process excellence affordable, scalable and sustainable

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Automatically expose 100% of process execution.
Ensure continuous improvement.
Monitor your processes in near real time.

Raise Your Process IQ

Get ready to transform your entire business with complete end-to-end process analytics. 


We Raise Your Process IQ

Our comprehensive Process Intelligence platform makes process excellence affordable, scalable and sustainable.

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It's never been this easy

ABBYY Timeline enables end-to-end digital process visibility, with over 25 prepackaged analytic tools that make process insight actionable. 

Own your data. Understand your process.
Predict the future. Perform more efficiently.

A platform for everyone to understand process

Combine data from every department. Visualize and monitor all in one place. Analyze without writing any code!

Going beyond simple
process mining

Your business processes are complex, how you analyze, understand, and monitor them shouldn’t be.

Process Analytics for the entire enterprise

Bring process analytics everywhere with the only platform that extends to every department, technology, team, or process.

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Comprehensive Process Intelligence

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