Banks’ processes: From ATMs to block chain, where will they go next?

Blog, Financial Services, RPA, Ryan Raiker
Over the past several years we have seen a plethora of organizations adopt approaches to improving the quality and efficiency of their output. Some of these have included: Business Process Re-engineering, Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Business Performance Improvement, and many more. Every one of these methodologies focus on one thing: PROCESS! This focus on process level improvement is about improving the way that businesses create and deliver value to the customer. Although the focus is on the process, the goal is to try to change the way that people within a company work and behave. Organization is a good way to execute processes well. The best BPM enabler is metrics from process and workflow (i.e. asking “how well are we doing”, “are we meeting our goals”, “are our customers…
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