Process mining is not enough.

To aggressively pursue process improvements through robotic process automation (RPA) requires an in-depth knowledge of current performance baseline and the identification of sub-optimal execution patterns. TimelinePI delivers critical process intelligence which allows you to improve the execution of business processes. With the patent-pending Timeline Analysis approach, organizations are able to take full advantage of RPA initiatives through new methods of process analysis with the ability to drill in and uncover root cause to process problems.

How it Works

TimelinePI empowers organizations to:

  • Visually identify end to end business processes, bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Fully understand workflows before making decisions on process re-engineering
  • Find the best process candidates for RPA based on data driven insight
  • Utilize cost-calculations to determine where you will get the largest ROI
  • Assess the performance of robots and their impact on the overall process

Process Schema
Automatically detect process schemas in both structured and ad-hoc business process environments.


Timeline Analysis provides unique insights into your business processes


Automatically uncover your core process flows. View detailed process instances with automatically generated sub-processes. Understand dominant process milestones without eradicating the original process paths. Visualize time and cost associated with every way your processes are executed.


Execute in-depth process analysis using pre-built modules. Find the root cause of process problems and inefficiencies, identify any deviations from the prescribed path, and ensure that defined process steps are followed.


Through monitoring and alerting, ensure ongoing process compliance with prescribed best practices. Promote continuous improvement of  your process far beyond the RPA implementation. 

Get the most out of RPA with TimelinePI

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Process Schema
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