We Deliver An Instant Digital Twin of Operational Processes​

We Deliver An Instant Digital Twin of Operational Processes​​

Our incredibly powerful Intelligent Process Mining™ engine was developed based on years of working with business intelligence tools that missed the mark in intuitive process analytics. No Business Intelligence tool on the market today can reconstruct entire process timelines or provide in-depth visualization and analysis of highly variable, ad-hoc business processes.

The vast majority of process execution today is tracked, managed, and executed through any number of IT systems of record. That means that you already have a record of just about every aspect of any process logged inside of those systems. No matter how many business intelligence tools, dashboards, or reports you have – they simply can’t recreate an end-to-end view of process execution. We know. Because we come from that world and were frustrated by its limitations.

TimelinePI easily imports data from any number of systems, reassembling it into a series of logical process timelines populated by every step, interaction, decision, or event. Automatically discovering and visualizing processes using a virtual “digital twin” allows you to analyze actual process execution based on real data – in all its glorious variations, complexities, or inefficiencies. 

But that’s not the best part.

Our timeline-based methodology builds on the first generation of process mining techniques, introducing Intelligent Process Mining. TimelinePI is built for ease of use, offers sophisticated root-cause analytics, and even allows line of business managers to define, and be automatically alerted for, process execution aberrations – in real-time. That’s sustainable process intelligence.

Whether you are seeking process optimization, continuous improvement, or looking to automate more of your process execution, doesn’t it make sense to first understand how things really work today with 100% fact-based data? Find the biggest opportunities for improvement, faster and with accuracy not previously possible.

You already have all the data – isn’t it time to build a better view of your business? 

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As soon as data is loaded TimelinePI automatically provides profile metrics for your business processes.

Timeline Analysis
TimelinePI automatically reconstructs process instances from your data even when data is sourced from multiple systems.

Process Schema
Automatically detect process schemas in both structured and ad hoc business process environments.

Path and Cost Structure Analysis
All process instances are analyzed to identify hidden patterns that can be used to detect behaviors that may be beneficial or detrimental to operations.

Detailed Case Analysis
Process instances can be analyzed in detail even when different steps in the process are performed in multiple back-end systems.

Process Query
Easily define complex queries using a simple point-and-click configuration tool and find those process instances that match those conditions with sub-second response time.

Protocol Analysis
Specify precise execution rules that must be followed and identify process instances that fail to meet those conditions.

Workflow / Journey Mapping
Automatically analyze processes that utilize queue-based routing of people or work items (e.g. customer service, IT services, or call center operations.

Side-by-side Comparison
Subsets of process instances which meet certain conditions(e.g. cohorts) can be compared side by side to more easily identify variations of one cohort versus the other.

Process intelligence provides critical insight needed to drive an efficient and profitable business.  TimelinePI provides you with the capability to discover and visualize process execution details automatically from your existing data, so you can quickly grasp the dynamic flow of your business processes. At TimelinePI, we remove the complexity of your process analysis to deliver the ‘aha moment’ with every click.

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