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Connecting to ServiceNow as Data Source

Steps to Connect TimelinePI To ServiceNow Instance

  1. Create Application Registry in SN Instance
  2. Login to your ServiceNow account
  3. Type “oauth” in the search box to easily find the “Application Registry
  4. Navigate to “Application Registry”
  5. Click “new” to create a new Application
  6. Choose “Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients” from the list
  7. Enter a name – the name does not matter, type any name (eg. “Timelinepi”)
  8. Click the lock button near the “Redirect URL” to specify the “Redirect URL”
  9. Enter https://online.timelinepi.com/oauth.html?service-now
  10. Copy Client ID field for use on TimelinePI
  11. Save the changes by clicking “submit”

    TimelinePI Login Details

    NOTE: Allow pop-ups from Online.TimelinePI.com

  12. Enter Instance Name – comes from the SN instance name which can be found in the SN URL – https://dev*****.service-now.com/
  13. Enter Client ID – comes from the newly created Application registry screen

UserName/Password – a valid admin login for the SN Instance

View this in a PDF document here: Steps to Connect TimelinePI To SN Instance.