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Human Resources

The Human Resources function balances a variety of elements important for securing and optimizing human capital.  Ensuring seamless onboarding of new employees, managing payroll and benefits, assessing leaves of absence over time, assessing tuition reimbursement, salary adjustments, and managing other milestone events are how HR professionals keep pulse of the workforce.  TimelinePI offers transparency into all these HR processes, provides deep insight into process inefficiencies and helps you discover opportunities to improve the HR process.

Example HR Use Case

Having a well-documented, repeatable on boarding process is critical to ensure an efficient and effective on boarding experience for new hires. The on boarding process should encompass many activities and stretch beyond the first day of work. Understanding and implementing a standard process can make on boarding more efficient.

TimelinePI allows you to analyze HR transaction data in near real-time. Learn how these business processes are really executed and detect where and how to significantly improve them.

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Overview – TimelinePI automatically discovers and visualizes the employee life cycle.

Timeline Analysis – A unique and intuitive approach to visualizing the employee on boarding or employee journey.

Process Schema – Automatically detect and display structured or variable process environments. 



Path and Cost Structure – See every process path, and compare side-by-side cost, timing, and identify compliance risks.

Detailed Case Analysis – Display the employee journey end-to-end in one screen.

Process Query – A simple drag and drop approach to creating sophisticated, complex search and filtering.



Expose Costs- uncover unknown opportunities for cost reduction

Reduce Time- Faster time to benefit for process improvement initiatives.

Customer Satisfaction- Eliminate process behavior that increase overall employee satisfaction.



Protocol Analysis – Easily define rules for monitoring process compliance and efficiency.

Journey Mapping – Understand the time impact of queue based routing workflows.

Cohort Comparison –Benchmark filtered sets side-by-side for insight to best practice.


Analytics in Action!

TimelinePI HR Employee Lifecycle

Explore and begin to understand one organization’s employee life cycle with TimelinePI’s public project: Human Resources Employee Life Cycle Project.


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