Organizations of all sizes are facing increasing pressure to manage revenue, optimize utilization, and reduce costs across their departments. But determining where and how to employ a quality improvement strategy can be complex. It’s now possible to visualize and understand how your operational processes are really executed end-to-end, in all their variations, across any number of systems.

Enter TimelinePI, a next generation solution that provides full visibility of all processes end-to-end, including those where different steps are recorded in different back-end systems.

TimelinePI is beneficial to all areas of a business, including logistics coordination, human resource employee journey mapping, revenue cycle management, customer satisfaction, and overall operations.

Automatically discover and expose 100% of process execution.

Reinforce best practices to ensure continuous improvement.

Monitor your processes in near real time.

Key Features:

  • Does not require specialized skills or consulting to use
  • Delivers out of the box capabilities that provide quick, intuitive, and informative process transparency
  • Process metrics and measurements are created automatically without programming
  • Provides immediate visibility and access to robust process metrics
  • Users can immediately focus on improving processes instead of coding or customizing inhouse tools with what are already scarce resources
  • Users can import existing data – doesn’t require any specialized environment or data consolidation

You can't improve what you don't understand.

TimelinePI allows you to quickly uncover and understand the truth about how processes are performed based on facts, not assumptions.

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